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this site ... a little geek speak

This started off being me rambling about the beginnings of website accessibility at MM Images. But I should change it to something about visitor stats instead.

I signed up for Google's freebie online stats to complement the ones from my web host. Google's one is more for e-commerce sites but it's still useful. Who else cares but me though ;)

I'm looking at possible Content Management Systems that I could switch this website on to. I quite like the look of Drupal. It would make updates more organized but I've not figured out yet how to keep all my existing page names so I don't lose all the lovely inbound links that people and search engines give this site. Oh wait there's a module for that apparently.

So one day I might indeed move from the current hybrid of CSS and old-fashioned, clunky table-based layout that much of the site remains in. Most of the big photo pages are table free though.

MMI in Paris
MMI in Paris? Photo by

Visitors: My statistics tell me that most visitors to this site are in America. No real surprise there because although Manson has great interest in other cultures, particularly European ones, MM remain a very American band and Manson a very American figure.