Watercolour painting by Marilyn Manson

When I Get Old I Would Like a Drink painting

When I Get Old I Would Like a Drink

Watercolour and absinthe, 2002.
22 x 30 inches or 56 x 76 cm

Posted in Journal 26 March 2002.

MM: "I have a photo of William Burroughs hanging in my hallway that looks a bit like that. I looked at it one day and thought, 'If I could do all the things that he did and still look like that when I get old, I'd be real happy.' So when I was painting it, I was drinking absinthe, which I often do, and I dipped a brush in the wrong bowl, in my drink, and that's when I discovered what a great stain absinthe makes on the paper."

"It is to be remembered that the origin of all arts -- music, painting, and writing -- is magical and evocative, and that magic is always used to obtain some definite result." - W. S. Burroughs

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