Watercolour painting by Marilyn Manson.


(22 x 30 inches)

This painting was reportedly given to Vincent Gallo as a gift, one of two. It was said to be created in 1999 or 2000 and turned up for sale on ebay in August 2006. The above is a photo of it behind glass.

They must have had a look at this site because they used my 'Writer, rocker, singer, photographer, director, composer and now a watercolourist' intro on their sales pitch. Their own quote is:

'Marilyn Manson created the "Bunny" painting for his friend Vincent Gallo based on the many references to a "Bunny" in Vincent Gallo's work. Vincent Gallo was in a band called "Bunny" with Lucas Haas. During the time the painting was made, Vincent Gallo was working on his Highly Acclaimed Album titled "When". It included a song titled "Honey Bunny". After this, Vincent was starting to write the screenplay for his 2003 Major Film Release "The Brown Bunny".'

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