Watercolour painting by Marilyn Manson

Hand of Glory painting

Hand of Glory

He chose this painting as the showpiece for the artshow. I originally read that it was bought by actor, Nicolas Cage, but I've since read that Manson gave it to J.T. Leroy for his 24th birthday. Perhaps that was a lithograph?

Here's what MM said about the painting:

"There is a fine line between being childish or holding onto your childish imagination in just the right way. This painting has a bit of that. It was never meant to be a portrait of myself but a symbol of the sadness of sometimes not being able to do what you want to do."

And from another source:

"This painting's actually of a girl but everyone thinks it's a boy. It's part of a short story I wrote about a girl and her hand being taken away from her. It kind of goes along with superstitions from voodoo and witchcraft about taking someone's hand and getting power from it. I thought that piece was good to represent the whole show because it represents my approach to all art by doing things in a childish way, and it's about how people often want to take away that element and try to make you grow up or play by the rules. There's a difference between being immature and being childish, and I don't mind being childish, because there's something beautiful about the way kids are fearless. That picture's really about innocence and the sadness at its being taken away."

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