Watercolour painting by Marilyn Manson

Hysterical Paraplegic painting

Hysterical Paraplegic

Triptych. Each panel is 22 x 30 inches.
Sold for $50,000

This is a painting of Charles Koutris
(definitely not Trent Reznor).

At a small get together at a friends house, Manson photographed Charles as a reference for painting his portrait. He took a selection of photos early on that he was happy with but later decided - as he and Dita were about to leave - to also sketch Charles.

Manson asked Charles to raise his hand for the pose and used a sharpie to produce a quick sketch to use as the basis for his final painting.

And the title? From Charles Koutris himself:

"Manson said that the more fucked up I got the more hysterical I got and I moved about the house like I had no legs and I would just hover from place to place, and that's where the name Hysterical Paraplegic came from."

Once you hear the story it all makes sense.

Charles also paints and, on an art show invite of his - from May 2010 - is another Manson quote:

"Charles has been one of the greatest artists I've had the pleasure of destroying my liver with despite the fact that I am against all art. It's the wonderous horror that I have discovered that his art is against itself. Herein lies his genius."

Here's the painting on his art show invite, it's of Tim Skold.

Origin of Chaos

'Origin of Chaos' by Charles Koutris

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