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Celebritarian Corporation Gallery Of Fine Art

The Celebritarian Corporation Gallery Of Fine Art in Los Angeles, California, was officially opened on 31st October 2006 - Halloween - following a private reception for Manson and guests.

Marilyn Manson's art gallery

Attendees were treated to a collection of Manson's original works shown together for the first time since 2004, including many new paintings.

The gallery showing was deemed a great success with patrons lingering until well after the anticipated closing time. Future exhibits will include additional works by Manson as well as other celebrated artists.

The above blurb is based on text from MM's official site, I got the photos there too.

Marilyn Manson's art gallery

At the Gallery opening was a booth - opposite the gift bag bank at the entrance to the gallery - manned by Project Nightlight, a non-profit organization dedicated to 'empowering teens to overcome abuse'.

This is the first charity Marilyn Manson has ever agreed to lend his name and support to. He has also given Project Nightlight a print to auction off to raise funds.

Marilyn Manson's art gallery

Below are two photos of visitors to the gallery:

Marilyn Manson's art gallery
photos by bbser nepranomican

Marilyn Manson masks

The photo of the Manson masks placed at the entrance to the gallery is by Ann Magnuson, who also provides useful information from the gallery opening.

Ann describes the gallery's location as on the most southeastern edge of Hollywood or the most northern edge of Koreatown depending on your orientation. Note that it's classed as a private gallery, open by invitation or appointment only. However, it seems that people without invites were allowed in for the opening night viewing.