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The Golden Age of Grotesque era - 2002 to 2004

Continuation Page for the Golden Age era
Marilyn Manson
Get this page finished, dammit

I've got the Timeline text in here but should really also add continuation text for April 2003 and album release date, May 2003, onwards.

Timeline - Golden Age of Grotesque era

6 February 2002 - Manson makes his first post in the new 'Artist's Journal' section of the official website.

14 February 2002 - Marilyn's Valentine's Day gift online is in his Journal post: two little videos of his white cat, Lily White. Non-catlovers are bemused.

26 March 2002 - Golden Age era announced by MM.

5 June 2002 - stark writes on the bbs: The DVD (for Holy Wood tour) is still being worked on right's the reason for the delay:

They just got a hold of a 10-camera shoot for Reading AND Hamburg, and they're rushing to get it on the DVD. Manson is going through everything as fast as possible while still working on GAOG, and as soon as we have a rock-solid release date, it will go up here, the news, everywhere.

(add other dates)

3 February - Official fansite message board/bbs is replaced by The Oracle. Ever have that 'rug pulled out from under you' feeling? Manson answers questions sent in to The Oracle by fans.

14 February 2003 - Marilyn's Valentine's Day gift online is in his Journal post entitled: 'Valentine's Day Brings Us A New Taste Of Eonism'. We get the first Golden Age band photo, called 'The Bright Young Things' and a video stream called, 'The Mechanism Of Desire', which didn't work for me!

2006 Update: you can watch it on YouTube. Or right-click, save-as (and whatever it is for macs) to get the file
in quicktime MOV format from here:
The Mechanism of Desire (40.4Mb)

22 March 2003 - mObscene video made.

March 2003 - By 24th March, all tracks from The Golden Age of Grotesque album (TGAOG) are on the internet somewhere.

29 March 2003 - Q Magazine do a shoot at Manson's house.

April 2003 - Grotesk Burlesk Europe and UK mini tour for the album launch.

4 April 2003 - GAOG artwork shown.

7 to 15 April 2003 - Manson (and Dita) in Europe and UK for promotional purposes.

22 April 2003 - mOBSCENE single released, USA, first one from The GAOG album.

Thursday 8 May 2003 - Manson chats on The Late Show With David Letterman. Also appears on MuchMusic's daily live show IMX.

Monday 12 May 2003 - A unique launch party takes place at The Key Club in Los Angeles, USA. As well as a band performance, there is a display of artwork by Manson himself, and of collaborative works by artist Gottfried Helnwein.

The Golden Age of Grotesque album is released in the UK.

Tuesday 13 May 2003 - The Golden Age of Grotesque album is released in the USA. Number one in five countries, in the top five in others. Manson and band sign album copies in LA at Sam Goody's.

Friday 16 May 2003 - Marilyn Manson appear on the Jimmy Kimmel show, performing 'mObscene' and 'This is the New Shit' to an audience of eager fans. See some photos of it: Marilyn Manson on Jimmy Kimmel show

29 May - Golden Age of Grotesque tour begins in Lisbon, Portugal.

Monday 2 June - Religious protestors harangue concert goers prior to the Marilyn Manson show at Braehead Arena, Renfrew near Glasgow (we arrive too late to interact with them). Queen Adrena are support band.

We did hear that Manson and Pogo had a tiff at soundcheck/rehearsal and that Manson 'disappeared' for a while but who knows.

3 June - Manson gets Metal Hammer magazine's Golden God award.

Wednesday 4 June - They play Brixton Academy, London with Queen Adrena in support again.

Friday 6 June - Manson interviewed on 'Friday Night with Jonathan Ross' and band close the show with 'mObscene'. One mobcene dancer is with them.

24 June - Manson guests on the New Tom Green Show in LA.

28 June - Ozzfest (USA) tour begins, Marilyn Manson co-headline.

Sunday 6 July - off Ozzfest show at the House of Blues, Las Vegas. Pogo's hand is strapped/bandaged up by this date. Later in the evening, still in stage make-up, Pogo performs a little street theatre by yelling at some girls asking for his autograph. Well he had a broken hand you see and was exasperated at them for asking.

11 July - Portland, Oregon show on 13 July cancelled because Pogo needs surgery on his wrist/hand.

Party Monster film has special premiere in Hollywood tonight.

1 September - This Is The New Shit single released, UK. It's the second single from TGAOG album.

November - Three more 'UK' gigs (England only), then back to mainland Europe again.

A short holiday season tour with Jane's Addiction is announced, covering 27 December to 3 January 2004.

14 November - Manson guests on the Sharon Osbourne Show where he says the third GAOG single will be sAINT. Video to be made 15/16 November. He gives Sharon a painting and a signed copy of one of his masks to be auctioned.

December 2003 - eleven tour dates in December, to finish in Stockholm, Sweden on 19th December - nice for homeboy Tim Skold. With Manson in Europe and now free for New Year, might he be joining girlfriend, Dita Von Teese? She's performing at the Lux Fragil nightclub, in Lisbon Portugal on 31st December. The others will be relaxing in their own ways I'm sure.

The planned shows with Jane's Addiction and The Used are cancelled. Jane's Addiction cite their exhaustion as the reason.

January 2004 - A video is made for the song '(s)AINT'. It's planned to be the third single from TGAOG. Edit: but it didn't work out that way.

10 January 2004 - Photos taken on the set of the (s)AINT video are briefly displayed on Asia Argento's website. Strangely, one was of a skinned lamb's head. This is apparently a symbol of death in the mafia.

February 2004 - In a break from recent tradition, the fans do not receive a Valentine's Day gift on the 14th. And we're still waiting on (s)AINT being released, but at least we know the video is ready.

30 March 2004 - a news post on MM's official site tells us there's a 'Best Of' CD in the works. It's to include a cover of Depeche Mode's 'Personal Jesus', a booklet of rare photos and artwork, all of MM's videos on DVD - including sAINT - plus some new material.

We're also casually told that John5 is out of the band!

2 April 2004 - Dita lets it be known that her and Manson are engaged. She shows her 7 carat, European cut, vintage diamond ring.

13 April 2004 - Rolling Stone article about ten Spooky Kids era songs being rereleased next week, 20 April - by Scott Putesky, alias Daisy Berkowitz.

May 2004 - Manson and Pogo sue Scott over images used for his Spooky Kids release. Lawsuit issued on 28 April, Scott's birthday.

June 2004 - lawsuit resolved when Scott agrees to changes.

The Golden Age Of Grotesque
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