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Lest We Forget era - 2004 to 2005

Marilyn Manson
"Your own personal Jesus"
Marilyn Manson band
Marilyn Manson

Lest We Forget album - September 2004

Against All Gods tour: America - October to December 2004.
Korea, Japan, Mexico - January, February 2005.
European festivals, May 2005 onwards, Dublin show.

Thanks to the difficulty of getting the (s)AINT video released, that contentious little number forms the bridge between the Golden Age of Grotesque era and the September 2004 release of Lest We Forget.

Manson foots the bill for the release of the sAINT video, thus allowing its inclusion in the limited edition extras for Lest We Forget, The Best Of. The limited edition versions of the album come with a DVD of most of the band's videos.

In America, the DVD which includes the sAINT video can only be bought from the official website but it seems to have been available - with Lest We Forget - in the shops pretty much everywhere else. Why was it a problem anywhere? Well, it was deemed too controversial by the record company because it depicts drug taking, sexual self-stimulation, some boy-on-boy action, and cutting. Manson was being cathartic in every which way, you see.

Aside from including one cover song, Personal Jesus, the Lest We Forget album is a collection of Marilyn Manson ditties that Manson himself considers representative of their music over the years.

Ginger hits the deck

After Ginger takes a bad tumble off a high stage in late September 2004, Chris Vrenna (ex-NIN) accepts drumming duties for the Against All Gods tour. No stranger to the band, Chris played on Antichrist Superstar tracks in '96 when Ginger was back home, and has known Manson since the early '90s. Mark Chaussee (ex-danzig, ex-fight) takes over John 5's guitar spot for the tour. Not exactly a newcomer either, Mark was Manson's assistant during the Golden Age of Grotesque (GAOG) tour.


In 2004, Manson and girlfriend Dita befriend zany UK fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. Which leads to our Viv designing outfits for the Against All Gods tour.

Then Manson and Dita model for Westwood's ad campaign for Spring/Summer 2005. And Personal Jesus is played during two of Westwood's fashion shows. She's designing Dita's wedding dress too.


In October 2004, the first single released from the album is the Depeche Mode cover song Personal Jesus. They've already been playing this for promotional appearances in Europe and America.

In February 2005, a remix version of The Nobodies is released following MM's concerts in Korea.

Manson the whipping boy

I swithered about including this but here goes:

In January 2005, the police and prosecution in a Scottish murder trial try to implicate Manson in the actions of the accused, a teenage youth. Manson's Doppelherz video and Black Dahlia paintings are referenced repeatedly and are shown to the jury as part of the evidence.

However, the youth only bought the Doppelherz video two days after the crime he's accused of. So why is it admissable as evidence? And why focus on showing Manson's paintings of the Elizabeth Short murders in court rather than the original crime-scene or morgue photos?

I tried to understand their logic but it baffles me. If they 'prove' that the accused watched a MM video and has perhaps looked at MM's art of an old unsolved murder case, do they think that means their case against him is proven - is that it?

It's very misleading for the justice system of any country to depict someone's art as a malign influence on teenagers. Very insulting to the intelligence of teenagers too. But it's easier than looking for the true motivations behind someone's actions.

Manson, wisely I think, refrains from commenting until a UK newspaper chases him for a response. He dismisses any supposed links between his art and the accused's actions and suggests they should look to the boy's parents for answers. Whilst the 'blame the parents' angle can seem corny, it often rings true. Let your kids run wild, with few ground rules to apply to life, and sometimes it will lead to serious crime.

I know it can work the other way, where strict parents can push someone to extremes but I don't think that's so common.

Marilyn Manson onstage

In July 2005, News at last

Finally. Manson gives an interview to Rolling Stone magazine where he talks of his film project (entitled PHANTASMAGORIA: The Visions Of Lewis Carroll), and his plans to open an art gallery in LA and release a fine art book of his paintings.

PHANTASMAGORIA: The Visions Of Lewis Carroll, consists of four short films - set for winter release via his website - followed by a feature length film. Update: we still await the films as of November 2006.


Manson has come to a crossroads in his career:

'I no longer want to make art that other people - particularly record companies - are turning into a product. I just want to make art.'

And he's invented a new genre for his new breed of art: 'horripilation.'

'It's horrifying, and it's depilatory,' he explains. 'It will horrify the hair off of your legs.'

As well as plans to open an Art Gallery and publish a book of paintings, he intends to convert his basement wine cellar into an opium den ('I don't drink wine').

He's grown a goatee beard for an upcoming cameo role opposite Lucy Liu in Rise. And there are eighteen new songs completed. 'It's not like I'm going to stop making music and start knitting,' he says. 'I just don't think the world is worth putting the music into right now.'

You could read it all at MarilynManson dot com's news page for 17th July 2005, until it disappeared. The band are still on the road in August 2005.