Screenshot from Nine Inch Nail's 'Gave Up' video.

Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson. Pic sepia tinted by me.
This is from the alternate video for 'Gave Up'
featuring Manson on guitar and backing vocals.

Manson refers to it in his biography, The Long Hard Road Out of Hell,
where he answers the phone and ...

Trent Reznor: Hey, it's Trent.
MM: Hey, what's going on.
Trent: Well, you'll never believe where I'm at. I'm living at the Sharon Tate house.

It was funny because when I first met him I told him that one of my dreams was to record 'My Monkey' our revision of a Charles Manson song, at the house where Sharon Tate had lived. I liked the irony of it. And lo and behold, Trent was there now.

He said, 'Why don't you come out? We're shooting a video for one of my songs, and I want you to play guitar in it.'

I told him, 'Well, I don't really play guitar.' But I went out there anyway and pretended to play guitar in a video that was never actually released. It was a song called 'Gave Up.'

I believe that the Tate's former house has now been demolished.

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