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Album credits for Holy Wood

Marilyn Manson:
Vocals, Guitar, Flute, Piano, Pianette, Electric Harpsichord, Mellotron, Keyboards, Synthesized Bass, Syncussion.

John 5:
Acoustic, Electric, Slide and Synthesized Guitars.

Twiggy Ramirez:
Guitar, Keyboards, Bass.

M.W. Gacy:
Mellotron, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Synthesized Bass, Samples.

Ginger Fish:
Drums, Loops.

Dave Sardy:
Guitar, Programming.

Bon Harris:
Piano, Synthesizer, Bass, Hi-hat Cymbal, Programming, Electronics.

Danny Saber:

Holy Wood conceived and arranged by Marilyn Manson
Produced by: Marilyn Manson & D. Sardy - Mixed by D. Sardy
Engineered by: Greg Fidelman
All Pro-Tools: Gred Fidelman
Editing, programming & Pre-Production by: Bon Harris
Additional Engineering by: Paul Northfield
Recorded at: The Manson
Additional Recording: Holly Studios, Sunset Sound Factory and Westlake Audio.
Mixed at Larrabee East
Assistant Engineers: Nick Raskulinecz, Joe Zook, Kevin Guarnieri and Steve Macauley
Management: Tony Ciulla/Ciulla Management. Bus. Mgmt: Jay Sendyk
Legal: Jeffrey Taylor Light; Agent: Rick Roskin, CAA
Photography & Design: P.R. Brown @ Bau-Da Design Lab [LA]
Make Up: Marilyn Manson & Rallis Kahn
Clothing: Deborah @ T'AINT
Official Website:

Recording the Holy Wood album

To record the album, they rented the Houdini house in Laurel Canyon. They used an old-school analog tape machine and a vintage Neve console for tracking, and Pro Tools for editing. Additional tracking was done at Manson's house, which was also where the Rolling Stones recorded 'Let It Bleed'.

Houdini's house is believed to be haunted and some strange things did happen, such as Ginger being awakened by piano music when he slept at the house. When he pulled back the curtain in front of where the piano was, the playing stopped. I'll bet his heart was drumming.

Holy Wood extras - video, competition, Tarot game

Autopsy video

On the American and Australian CD releases, a picture of crossed guns appears (if played on a computer) and offers a link to the now defunct website for the infamous three-minute long 'Autopsy' video. The autopsy video also used to stream from the UK official site (now gone). In the video, Manson's head is cut open and a foetus extracted from it. This alludes to the autopsy carried out on President Kennedy's body, during which they removed his brain.

At the time of its release, the President of the Catholic League, William Donohue, asked that all Christians boycott the Holy Wood album.

Competition - Holy Wood to Hollywood

Now as far as I know there were two promotions taking place for the album. One was a tie-in 'Valley of Death' game with the prize being a week in Hollywood for two.

Play the Marilyn Manson Valley of Death game(tm) and you could win a trip for two to Holywood, California. Collect offical game board and full set of game playing cards available in the Disposable Teens single CD1 & CD2 and the Holywood album CD.

A gameboard and game pieces came with the Disposable Teens CD1 and you needed 36 game pieces to place on it. 18 pieces were in the Holy Wood CD. Alternatively, the game could be played online at the official site or Dot Music's website. The closing date for entries being 15 December 2000.

The Tarot Game

The other promotion involved collecting ten Tarot cards either with the records, or online, to get code numbers to unlock a previously unreleased song via the Interscope website. Six cards were released at websites by launch dot com, heavy dot com and interscope dot com. You clicked to them via the Mercury symbol.

In the UK at least, the Fight Song double CD set originally had 10 cards, 9 are Tarot cards and one is of the Holy Wood cover art. They are joined in pairs:

  • XIII Death with XV Devil
  • IV Emperor with 0 Fool
  • IX Hermit with II High Priestess
  • XI Justice with I Magician
  • V Hierophant with Holy Wood cover art and advert (Hanged Man tarot?)

The Masterboard was online until 2007. The codes still unlocked the cards to make them appear but even if arranged into the correct order, there was no longer a link to make the song play. The song concerned was 'Diamonds and Pollen' and it was leaked anyway before anyone could complete the challenge.

Holy Wood thoughts

Here's a link to 'Your Dying God: notes toward a theory of HOLY WOOD' written (in Feb/March 2001) by longtime Manson fan Paula O'Keefe, alias angelynx:
Holy Wood notes by angelynx

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