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Daisy Berkowitz

Daisy Berkowitz

Guitarist 1990 - 1996

Real Name: Scott Mitchell Putesky.
Born 28 April 1968 in Los Angeles, California.

He grew up in the New Jersey suburb of West Orange and, in 1980, the Putesky family moved to Florida.

Along with Manson himself, Scott - alias 'Daisy' - is one of the founding members of Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids.

Life Before Manson

Musical from a young age, Scott learned flute, trumpet and snare drum in third, fourth and fifth grade. His love for art and film developed early on too. His early drawings featured aliens and space-ships and the first record he bought for himself was the Star Wars soundtrack.

In the late 1970s, Scott was intrigued by videos, shown on night-time TV, from bands and artists such as Blondie, Talking Heads and David Bowie.

Once the family were in Florida, Scott persuaded his dad to subscribe to cable TV, which included a new music channel called MTV. Watching this inspired his musical ambitions even more, and he bought a small Casio keyboard and taught himself how to play.

At J.P. Taravella High School in Coral Springs, Scott took guitar lessons in tenth grade. He later commented:

'Everyone else wanted to learn Jimi Hendrix, Ozzy Osbourne and Journey songs. I wanted to learn songs by The Cure, U2, The Cars...the one thing I had in common with the other students was my love for the group Rush.'

In a few schooldays bands himself, these were: The Flying Eggbeaters, Blue China (who entered a 'battle of the bands' competition), and Ear Wacks.

In 1986, Scott began a graphic arts course at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, majoring in Advertising Design. This sidetracked his music a little but he began to visit local clubs like Penrods Underground, The Gutter, and The Cell to see local bands play.

In 1988, his parents presented him with a very useful graduation day gift, a four-track recorder (a Tascam Porta-One?). A few months later he was able to add a bass guitar and small drum kit to his existing instruments, allowing him to record everything he needed for his own compositions.

Pre-MM band connections

I read somewhere that Scott 'previously played bass for an INXS cover band' but I've no idea if that relates to the following.


In 1988, Scott ocassionally played with a surf-revival band called The Hodads.


In 1989 Scott formed the band Kinetic Ritual, with Rick Waters on bass and Fred Streithorst on drums. Through this band Scott met with singer/lyricist Scyndie Dietz (later of the band Backwash) and the two began to write and record under the name India Loves You.


Daisy describes his collaboration with singer-lyricist Scyndie Dietz as, 'psychedelic folk combined with Sonic Youth's noise'. Any recordings around? Scyndie went on to join The Livid Kittens as singer, leaving within a year. Scott's next band move, however, was to last until 1996.

Marilyn Manson band
Marilyn Manson on Trax TV

The MM rollercoaster

By early 1990, thanks to Scott's musical experience and experimentation, his music and guitar skills have developed considerably.

One night, at a party in Fort Lauderdale, he meets local music journalist Brian Warner. They start talking and Brian tells him he hasn't been in a band but is interested in setting his poetry and creative writing to music.

Up to this stage, Scott - although already composing music - hasn't developed his lyric writing and singing, so it seems a logical and fun idea to team up with someone with those very skills. They agree to combine their talents to see what can be acheived. So here's where we see the beginings of Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids, leading to Brian as 'Marilyn Manson' and Scott as 'Daisy Berkowitz'.

Some of the band's earliest songs are recorded at the house Scott shares with his parents in Boca Woods. Scott's mum finds Brian Warner to be a very quiet person and a bit 'weird'.

Before long they've written a handful of songs such as My Monkey, Cake and Sodomy and (Strange,Same) Dogma, recording the parts with Scott's four-track. But the next step, live performance, requires some help. Bringing in Brian Tutunick ('Olivia Newton Bundy') to play bass guitar and Perry Pandrea ('Zsa Zsa Speck') for keyboards, the quickly assembled band plays it's first show in April 1990 at Churchills Hideaway in Miami.

The show wasn't a major success but they were on their way.

Here's a little quote from John Tovar, the band's first manager, where he credits Scott for the group's formative works: 'To be bluntly honest, Scott was always the mastermind behind the band. It was a combination of his creativity and Brian's vision that appealed to me.'

When Brad Stewart joins the band, to replace bassist Olivia/Brian Tutunick, Scott gives him a crash-course in bass playing, teaching him the Spooky Kids' songs at the same time.

Brad becomes Gidget Gein and introduces lunchbox collecting and carrying into the band. Scott can't relate to this trend but fans latch onto it, some collecting lunchboxes themselves and taking them to shows. Manson and Gidget between them style a strong image for the band but Scott is more into the music itself.

In 1992 the band name shortens to Marilyn Manson. The current line-up is Manson on vocals, Sara Lee Lucas on drums, Gidget Gein on bass, Madonna Wayne Gacy (Pogo) on keyboards and Daisy Berkowitz on guitar.

(### need to add more to further describe the time before the ACSS era arrives.###)

The band sign a record deal with Nothing Records and record their first album, Portrait of an American Family. Next, in 1994, comes a tour of the U.S. and Canada with Nine Inch Nails and the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow. In 1995, their cover of the Eurythmics' 'Sweet Dreams (are made of this)' - from their 'Smells Like Children' EP - is given lots of airplay.

After two headlining tours and opening for Danzig (plus four videos and some TV appearances) the band begin recording Antichrist Superstar in February 1996, at Trent Reznor's New Orleans studio.

During this time, however, the tension between Scott, Brian and others in the band becomes too much:

"I was getting completely fed up...I was being told my make-up was wrong, my guitars were being broken, I was being knocked off stage, my songs were being rejected, I was told I didn't look good enough, I was excluded from interviews and photo shoots.....It basically comes down to a total lack of respect for me by Brian and Jeordie".

Jeordie being bassist 'Twiggy Ramirez' who replaced Gidget Gein in December '93. A later line-up change was Kenny Wilson, or 'Ginger Fish', replacing Freddie/Sara Lee Lucas on drums in 1995.

In May 1996, Scott, feeling creatively stifled and tired of being harassed, left the band. The recording of Antichrist Superstar was still in progress but Manson's response to Scott's disillusionment was to buy him a one-way airline ticket home to Florida. What a very mansonesque touch that was.

Life After Manson


That same summer, in 1996, Scott begins a solo project, Three Ton Gate. In Homestead, Florida, there's an historical tourist site called Coral Castle which Scott visited. The first structure you reach when entering is called Three Ton Gate, and he liked the name.

In late 1996 and into 1997, Scott records many new songs for the first Three Ton Gate demo, called '3x3' (three by three). Song titles include Honor, Hollywoods Heaven and Head. They also appear on his EP 'Vanishing Century', released late 1997.

Deciding to work with a female vocalist again, he discovers Tyreah James. Although Tyreah is not a highly experienced singer, Scott likes 'the sound of her voice and her extensive knowledge of mysticism'. After rehearsals and tape exchanges, Tyreah records vocals for the songs Keep Me Warm and X Files Girl.

A second Three Ton Gate demo tape was scheduled for release sometime after June '97 but I don't know if this happened.


A side-project band of 1997, inspired by Jack Off Jill. I found a mention of them in a March 1998 interview with Jessicka, Jack Of Jill's singer:

C: What side projects were you or any other members involved in?

Jessicka: Well, Michelle Inhell and Moulder were originally in the Linda Blairs. The way the Linda Blairs started out is that I got a friend of mine, Rich Penney, to dress up in drag because we didn't want to get an opening act, and they were the opening act for a Jack Off Jill show in Miami. He kind of took the ball and ran with it, and is now working with the Linda Blairs without Michelle, or Moulder.


Jessicka's band. In April/May 1998 Scott joins Jack Off Jill as their new guitarist, replacing HoHo Spade. Scott's name in Jack Off Jill is SMP, his initials.

Jack Off Jill
Scott in Jack Off Jill

R.O.D. or RedNecks On Drugs

I can add a little to this because of some comments bbser 'Father Gothic', aka Rich Pierce, wrote online. He said he sang for RedNecks On Drugs and that they - for their own amusement I think he meant - sometimes played MM songs. What their usual style of music was I don't know. Other members? Rich Penney is one. Scott originally met him when Rich Penney worked for MM on tour.


This is the band that ROD (RedNecks On Drugs) turned into. It was Scott on guitar teamed with former Basketcase singer JC Reilly, ex-Mindflower bassist Martin Davis and drummer 'Smoothy' Jimmy Bobo.

From the 2001 gig review I've linked to below, it sounds like the band liked metal music, especially Black Sabbath.

Assorted Notes:

On some Spooky Kids flyers, used to advertise their shows, you see the self-designed 'monogram' of serial killer Berkowitz (who Daisy's last name is taken from), which is a large X with the following in each 'quarter': a cross at the top, the male and female symbols at either side, and an S at the bottom.

In June 1997, Scott begins legal proceedings over music royalties and rights from his time in the band. Despite Manson's best efforts, he finally succeeds.

Early in 2004, Scott released Lunch Boxes & Choklit Cows, the first in a planned two-part series of Spooky Kids recordings. A three-song DVD of live footage is included.

Manson and Pogo soon object to their images being used though, which means changes must be made and the CD reissued. See Spooky Kids Extras for more information.

Source credit

Thanks go to hench518 for some of the information up to 1998. Blame me for everything else though. winking smiley

Article and interview links for Daisy

Article/interview with Scott Putesky/Daisy dated 13 April, 2004. Mainly information on the Spooky Kids era:
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Review of live show by Stuck On Evil, which took place on 21 February 2001, at a venue called The Poor House. Trivia: APC (A Perfect Circle) just finished playing a show nearby, before Scott and company took to the stage.
Stuck On Evil gig review by Jeff Stratton

Life After Marilyn Manson

Scott's own site seems unreachable as of February 2007. It used to be at:

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