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Albums and EPs by Marilyn Manson:

  1. [12 July 1994] Portrait of an American Family tracks
  2. [24 Oct. 1995] Smells Like Children - EP tracks
  3. [8 Oct. 1996] Antichrist Superstar tracks
  4. [Nov. 1997] Remix & Repent - EP tracks
  5. [15 Sept. 1998] Mechanical Animals tracks
  6. [16 Nov. 1999] The Last Tour on Earth - live album tracks
  7. [14 Nov. 2000] Holy Wood tracks
  8. [12/13 May 2003] The Golden Age of Grotesque tracks
  9. [27/28 Sept. 2004] Lest We Forget tracks
  10. [4/5 June 2007] Eat Me, Drink Me tracks
  11. [25/26 May 2009] The High End Of Low

Portrait of an American Family album front cover Smells Like Children EP front cover Antichrist Superstar album cover
Remix and Repent EP cover Mechanical Animals album cover The Last Tour on Earth album cover Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death) album cover The Golden Age Of Grotesque front cover Best Of front cover
Eat Me Drink Me cover The High End Of Low cover

Since originally signing to Trent Reznor's 'Nothing' label in late 1993, the band have created two EPs, one live album, a 'best of' collection and seven studio albums.

In June 2007, EAT ME, DRINK ME is released.