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Covers & Compilations by Marilyn Manson

The cover versions listed in the first section here are the ones NOT on film soundtracks, but they appear on Marilyn Manson singles or albums, or on compilation albums.

Most of the compilations listed are where Marilyn Manson have contributed at least one track to an album by various artists, such as a tribute LP. The track is usually one of their own songs but could be a cover version. Some songs are collaborations with other people.

As of September 2004, however, they have a compilation album all of their own: Lest We Forget, The Best Of.

  1. Same Strange Dogma (track 4), White Knuckles (track 11)
    On 1991 compilation CD The Funnel Zone. 5,000 copies produced on German label Dossier for the European and USA markets but the cover showed a bomb and the gulf war was about to start so it was withdrawn. As far as I know, these were the first Marilyn Manson tracks to appear on CD. The album was re-released in 2000.

  2. Down In The Park
    Gary Numan/Tubeway Army cover - Feb. 1995. The sample at the start of Manson's cover is from the John Carpenter horror film, 'Prince of Darkness'. Alice Cooper makes a brief appearance in this film - as a 'Street Schizo'.

  3. Rock and Roll Nigger Patti Smith cover on Smells Like Children EP of 24 Oct. 1995. Extract also on Dead To The World VHS.

  4. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
    Eurythmics cover on Smells Like Children EP and Single

  5. A Rose and a Baby Ruth by George Hamilton IV

  6. Sick City Charles Manson song - 14 Feb. 2000

  7. Get My Rocks Off Dr. Hook cover

  8. Transylvanian Concubine Rasputina - Manson remix

  9. Eye Live with The Smashing Pumpkins

  10. Break You Down collaboration with Godhead

  11. White Knuckles and Strange Same Dogma on compilation CD The Funnel Zone. Re-issue by Dossier label on 7th November 2000.

    Track 16, the last track of the re-release, is a previously unpublished Marilyn Manson interview from 1998.

  12. Little Child (Daddy Dear) Wes Montgomery cover. DATE??

  13. Mechanical Animals (Live) on compilation CD - MTV's Return of the Rock II - 7th November 2000

  14. Five To One Doors cover. A B-side on Disposable Teens single [Nov 2000]

  15. Working Class Hero John Lennon cover. On Disposable Teens CD and picture disk singles November 2000, and The Fight Song Limited Edition EP [Japan] October 2001.

  16. The Beautiful People on compilation double CD - Kerrang!: The Album - UK 2nd July 2001

  17. The Love Song track two on compilation CD - Ozzfest: 2001 The Second Millenium - 14th August 2001: USA. Recorded over two days in the Midwest at the beginning of Ozzfest 2001.

  18. The KKK Took My Baby Away on Ramones tribute CD "We're a Happy Family" produced by Rob Zombie, 2003 : USA.

  19. Mind Of A Lunatic Geto Boys cover. Is on some versions of the This Is The New Shit single of September 2003.

  20. This Is The New Shit on 'MTV2 Headbanger's Ball' compilation double CD, October 2003.

  21. Lest We Forget, The Best Of album compilation of Marilyn Manson hits over the years, September 2004.

  22. This is Halloween is track one on the second disc of a 2-Disc Special Edition Soundtrack of Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas", 24 October 2006. Disc one has the original soundtrack.

Other Covers

Not sure about this next one. A clip of it was offered as a download during the Holly Wood era:

Mommy Dear - It's a cover version from the score of the film Naked Kiss.

Some of the following are full songs or have been used as intros or bridges during shows. Some were recorded, some were only played live, perhaps appearing on bootlegs.

Prelude (The Family Trip) - on POAAF album. This is the "boat ride" sequence from "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" film.

Son of Man - a version of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" with different lyrics. In an interview on Monday 15 January, 1996, MM said Son of Man and My Monkey were the first songs they ever recorded. He said Son of Man was their "first experimentation with music so we were just goofing around with a song that we had already known. It just ended up being on a demo. It wasn't something that we really played or anything."

I don't know what demo he was meaning though.
Update: apparently, Son of Man, is on a nine-track German bootleg CD of early Manson songs, called Genesis of the Devil.

People Who Died - original by Jim Carroll. Spooky Kids era cover. On a bootleg from November 1989.

Next are ones they've reportedly played live. Some will be on bootlegs and some won't, you'll have to do your own homework on that:

Justify My Love - original by Madonna. Reportedly covered by Manson and Twiggy during their 'Satan On Fire' band project.

Update: I've now been told that Justify My Love is on a CD called, 'At Satan's Request'. It's a bootleg double CD collection. See the full track-listing at Manson World.

Dirt - original by Iggy Pop and the Stooges.

Surrender - original by Cheap Trick. They performed this on MTV's millenium party.

The Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar) - original by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill. Manson performed this during a few Golden Age of Grotesque promotional performances in Europe in April 2003.


Opiate - original by Tool (seems doubtful to me but I'll list it in the meantime).

1999 - original by Prince.

There is a song called "Luci in the sky with demons". It isn't a cover version but a song with a similar title to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by The Beatles. It appears on 'side pa' of The Family Jams demo tape, 1992.

The following songs have provided short sequences or extracts to use as bridges between live numbers. These are all Beatles' songs:

Come Together - intro on demo cassette versions of My Monkey.

Strawberry Fields Forever - on the SLC tour in 1995, Marilyn would sing a few lines of Strawberry Fields Forever as an intro to My Monkey.

Happiness Is A Warm Gun

Helter Skelter (have performed the whole song too).

POAAF era 1994/95 - MM added paraphrased lines from the Rolling Stones' song "Monkey Man" inbetween My Monkey and Misery Machine - these lines being "Am I too messianic, or a trifle too satanic?"

Space Tracking - original by Deep Purple. Now, the reason I've included this is because, in a 4 December 1995 interview for the Gaston Gazette, Pogo said: "We've basically done all the songs we want to cover, although there are a few other one's we've done in the past like Deep Purple's 'Space Tracking' and a few other things like that."


Or 'collaborations' might be a better word for some of them.

The Way I Am - with Eminem
Eye - with The Smashing Pumpkins
Starfuckers - with Trent Reznor

I'd like to hear the Human League song he worked on with Shirley Manson - 'Don't You Want Me' - but I doubt it will be released, officially anyway. Butch Vig of Garbage will maybe let us hear it.