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Singles by Marilyn Manson:

  1. Get Your Gunn [June 1994] Tracks
  2. Lunchbox [Jan. 1995] Tracks
  3. Sweet Dreams [July 1996] Tracks
  4. The Beautiful People [Jan. 1997] Tracks
  5. Tourniquet [Sept. 1997] Tracks
  6. Long Hard Road Out of Hell [Nov. 1997] Tracks
  7. The Dope Show [Nov. 1998] Tracks
  8. I Don't Like The Drugs [1998] Tracks
  9. Rock is Dead [June 1999] Tracks
  10. Disposable Teens [Nov. 2000] Tracks
  11. The Fight Song [Feb. 2001] Tracks
  12. The Nobodies [Aug. 2001] Tracks
  13. Tainted Love [Nov. 2001] Tracks
  14. mOBSCENE [April 2003] Tracks
  15. This Is The New Shit [August 2003] Tracks
  16. Personal Jesus [October 2004] Tracks
  17. The Nobodies AAG Mix [February 2005] Tracks
  18. Heart Shaped Glasses (When the Heart Guides the Hand) [April 2007] Tracks
  19. Putting Holes in Happiness [May 2007] Tracks

Various versions of some singles have been released in different countries. Details are on the appropriate singles page.

Most are on Compact Disc (CD) with some also available on vinyl. Tracks on singles can vary from the album versions: some are remixes, some are live, some are acoustic and some are cover versions of songs by other people.

Not all singles were released in all countries or areas of the world, but they should be available as imports in many countries.

I haven't managed to list all of the singles from all countries and I think I probably never will. But I'll add things as I find them, chickpeas, and that's a fact.