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Soundtracks by Marilyn Manson

Whilst most songs recorded for soundtracks also appear on the soundtrack album, a few do not. Many of the songs here are also on MM albums or on singles.

Film - [year] - Song

Natural Born Killers - [1994] - Cyclops.
Only a few seconds of the song, Cyclops, are used and it is not on the soundtrack album (which was produced by Trent Reznor). A theme of the film Natural Born Killers is America's glorification of violence, something that Marilyn would relate to.

S.F.W. [September 1994]
Track 2 - Get Your Gunn.

Strange Days [1995]
Get Your Gunn
Not on soundtrack CD but is credited at end of film.

Lost Highway [18 Feb. 1997] - director: David Lynch.
Track 12 - Apple of Sodom.
Track 15 - I Put a Spell on You. Screamin' Jay Hawkins cover.
Marilyn and Twiggy have cameo roles as Porn star 1 and 2 - what else would they be! The film premiered on 28 February 1997.

Private Parts [25 Feb. 1997]
Track 8 - The Suck For Your Solution.
Lyrics by Manson, music by Ramirez/Zum. Howard Stern biographical film.

Nowhere [25 March 1997]
Track 15 - Kiddie Grinder (remix).
Remix of Organ Grinder by Greg Araki.

Spawn [29 July 1997]
Track 2 - Long Hard Road Out of Hell.
Marilyn Manson and Sneaker Pimps. Rock and Electronica artists paired off. Released as a single in Germany. MM said, "The movie [Spawn] is about a guy who gets killed and is condemned to find a way back into his former life and to find his wife who left him and to set things straight. It's one of those heroic stories the American audience adores. The story is based on a very popular comic."

Dead Man on Campus [4 August 1998]
Track 1 - Golden Years. David Bowie cover.
Track 14 - I Only Want To Be With You.
Twiggy with former UK model Twiggy, singing, playing on Dusty Springfield cover.

StrangeLand [Sept 1998]
Track 10 - Sweet Tooth.
Dee Snider film.


The Matrix [30 March 1999]
Track 1 - Rock Is Dead.

Detroit Rock City [3 Aug. 1999]
Track 6 - Highway to Hell.
AC/DC cover for KISS fan movie. Set in 1978, the movie follows a group of teens desperately trying to get into a sold-out Kiss concert. Was a video filmed for this in mid-July 1999?

House on Haunted Hill [Oct. 1999]
Sweet Dreams.
Played in scene where limosines are driving down the road.

MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch album and show [Nov. 1999]
Track 1 - Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes.

Blair Witch 2: Book Of Shadows [17 Oct. 2000]
Track 7 - Suicide Is Painless.
A heavily metal soundtrack to the Blair Witch sequel. MM is down as the album's "executive producer". Song also appears as track 3 on the German Tainted Love single. Original by Johnny Mandel and used as the MASH TV series theme tune.

Valentine [30 January 2001]
Track 7 - Valentine's Day.

Rock Star [August 2001]
Blood Pollution.
Written by Twiggy for a film about a fictitious band called Steel Dragon. The film is loosely based on the Judas Priest story.

From Hell [October 2001]
Track 1 - The Nobodies (Wormwood Remix).

Not Another Teen Movie [4th December 2001]
Track 1 - Tainted Love.
Cover of Gloria Jones' Northern Soul classic, made famous by Soft Cell in the early 1980s (soul singer Gloria Jones was the girlfriend/partner of Marc Bolan of T-Rex).


Resident Evil [March 2002]
Track 3 - The Fight Song (Slipknot Remix).
Remixed by Joey Jordison of Slipknot.

The following Resident Evil tracks are (electronic) original instrumental scores composed and produced by Marilyn Manson:
  • Track 1 - The Red Queen
  • Track 17 - Resident Evil Main Title Theme
  • Track 18 - Seizure Of Power
  • Track 19 - Reunion
  • Track 20 - Cleansing
Manson made a Journal post on 9th February 2002 to say he had just approved the soundtrack. He named four tracks to be included on the CD, whilst also hinting that another one may be included. He then gave the names of seven more tracks to be used only in the film itself (listed below) but 'The Red Queen' track went on to join the other four on the soundtrack album.

  • Airborne
  • The whole is greater than the sum of its parts
  • The red queen
  • The queen explains the needs
  • Necrosis
  • Suppressing early signs of infection
  • The dead walk
Resident Evil is a horror film based on the computer game of the same name. The soundtrack was a joint venture with composer Marco Beltrami.

Queen of the Damned [[August 2002]
Track 5 - Redeemer. Song by Jonathan Davis, who asked Manson to do the vocals for this track.

The Matrix Reloaded: The Album [May 2003]
Track 2 - This Is The New Shit.
From the album, The Golden Age Of Grotesque, 'This Is The New Shit' is played during the end credits, just as 'Rock Is Dead' was played in the first film of The Matrix, released in 1999.

Party Monster [September 2003]
Track 18 of 19 - In character, Manson sings The La La Song.
Manson has a cameo role in this factually based film, playing the part of Christina, a preoperative transsexual with a fake german accent. The film is based on the book 'Disco Blood Bath'.

The Nightmare Before Christmas [October 2006]
Track 1 of 9 - This Is Halloween.