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Videos by Marilyn Manson

screenshot from The Nobodies video

Videos on music CD, grouped by album

From Portrait Of An American Family album:

  1. Get Your Gunn [directed by Rod Chung]
  2. Lunchbox [dir. Richard Kern]
  3. Dope Hat [dir. Tom Stern, 21 August 1995]
Note: Although a Dope Hat video was made, the song was never released as a single. The recording sessions for Dope Hat led to the Smells Like Children EP instead. The Dope Hat video is inspired by the boat ride sequence in Willy Wonka and has a cameo appearance by Anton LaVey.

from Smells Like Children EP:

  1. Sweet Dreams [dir. Dean Karr]
This video was to get lots of play on MTV and was to be Daisy/Scott Putesky's last video with the band. He was gone by the time the ACSS album arrived.

from Antichrist Superstar:

  1. The Beautiful People [dir. Floria Sigismondi - 1997]
  2. Tourniquet [dir. Floria Sigismondi]
  3. Man That You Fear [NB Song on promo CD only. Directed by Wiz. Based on short story 'The Lottery' by Shirley Jackson]
  4. Cryptorchid [only on God is in the TV. Inspired/based on a film called Begotten?]

from the Spawn Soundtrack:

  1. Long Hard Road Out Of Hell [dir. Matthew Rolston]

from Mechanical Animals:

  1. The Dope Show [dir. Paul Hunter - August 1998]
  2. I Don't Like The Drugs [shot 22 Oct 98, Antelope Valley, CA. Released December 1998]
  3. Coma White [[NB Song on promo CD only. Video directed by Sam Bayer - 20/21 Feb in LA, released Oct. 1999]
  4. Rock Is Dead [dir. Sam Bayer - March 1999]

The Rock Is Dead video - filmed in an aircraft hangar in LA - is the first live performance video by MM. The basis of the Coma White video is a re-enactment of the assassination of US President John F Kennedy. Already controversial, it's release was delayed when JFK's son John died in a plane crash in July 1999.

screenshot from The Fight Song video

from Holy Wood:

  1. Disposable Teens
  2. The Fight Song
  3. The Nobodies [dir. Paul Fedor, filmed in Russia - June 2001]
  4. Mysteries of Holy Wood

from the Not Another Teen Movie Soundtrack:

  1. Tainted Love [dir. Philip Atwell]

The black limousine used in the Tainted Love video is a 1969 Lincoln.

screenshot from Tainted Love video

from The Golden Age of Grotesque:

  1. mOBSCENE [April 2003, dir. Marilyn Manson/Thomas Kloss]
  2. This Is The New Shit [August 2003, dir. Manson, Skold, Jeff Cronenweth]
  3. (s)AINT [2004]
This Is The New Shit: special live performance filmed 17 June 2003 in Leuven, Belgium. This was also the day of a concert there and the actual show started two hours late because of it. About 100 fans were involved with the video. Was anything filmed at Brabanthal also in Belgium and where the concert was held?

But I read that the outdoor scenes in the video were filmed in Nürnberg, Germany, at an area once known as the Reichsparteitagsgelände (former Nazi Parade Grounds). Manson's 'staff car' drives through the arches of those monumental Nazi ruins. So when was this filmed?

screenshots from 'This Is The New Shit' video
Screenshots from 'This Is The New Shit' video

from Lest We Forget, The Best Of:

  1. Personal Jesus [Oct. 2004]
    Directed by Marilyn Manson/Nathan Cox. Produced by Robert Sexton.
screenshots from Personal Jesus video
Screenshots from 'Personal Jesus' video

Videos on VHS:

Dead To The World

[1998] Video documentary of the Antichrist Superstar tour. 60 minutes of live performances, plus behind-the-scenes backstage footage.
  1. Angel with the Scabbed Wings
  2. Antichrist Superstar
  3. The Beautiful People
  4. Lunchbox
  5. Sweet Dreams
  6. My Monkey [Partial]
  7. Kinderfeld
  8. Irresponsible Hate Anthem
  9. Apple of Sodom
  10. Rock 'n' Roll Nigger [Partial]
  11. 1996 [spoken word version]

God is in the T.V.

[2 Nov. 1999] Includes uncensored footage of The Dope Show, over an hour of backstage and concert footage. The title 'God is in the TV' comes from the lyrics of 'Rock Is Dead'. The tracks on the video are:
  1. Coma White
  2. Rock Is Dead
  3. I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)
  4. The Dope Show
  5. Cryptorchid
  6. Long Hard Road Out Of Hell
  7. Man That You Fear
  8. Tourniquet
  9. The Beautiful People
  10. Sweet Dreams
  11. Dope Hat
  12. Lunchbox
  13. Get Your Gunn

The Collectors Edition Bible

[Nov. or Dec? 1999] Boxed set, packaged to look like a Bible and containing:
  • The Last Tour on Earth [CD]
  • God is in the TV [VHS]
  • a limited edition poster.

Videos on DVD - also available on VHS

Marilyn Manson Guns God And Government

[USA release date for 29 October 2002].
Marilyn Manson's eyes from GGG dvd cover

Originally to be based on a live show filmed 8th October, 2001 at the Grand Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, California, the contents have now altered and increased. I'd say this was due to delays in its release and the 8th October show then being shown on a Pay Per View (PPV) TV show, in North America, in late summer 2002.
DVD details.

Videos on DVD


[UK/USA release dates 12/13 May 2003].

This little 'arthouse' number - my description - is only available with the limited edition version of The Golden Age of Grotesque CD.

Manson screenshot from Doppelherz video

Lest We Forget bonus DVD video collection

This video collection comes with the deluxe version of the 'Lest We Forget, Best Of' album released in September 2004. All of the videos have been released separately before, except for (s)AINT which is new:
  1. (s)AINT
  3. This Is The New Shit
  4. Disposable Teens
  5. The Fight Song
  6. The Nobodies
  7. Autopsy
  8. The Dope Show
  9. Don't Like The Drugs
  10. Rock Is Dead
  11. Coma White
  12. Long Hard Road Out Of Hell
  13. The Beautiful People
  14. Tourniquet
  15. Man That You Fear
  16. Cryptorchid
  17. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
  18. Dopehat
  19. Lunchbox
  20. Get Your Gunn

In America, you can only buy the LWF special edition, with the uncut (s)AINT video, via the official website.

In Japan they've apparantly 'blurred the lady's private parts' but otherwise the film is complete. For other countries, you have the choice of LWF with or without the bonus DVD, and the DVD can include either the censored or uncensored version of the (s)AINT video. So remember to ask for the version you really want.

The video was filmed in November 2003 in the Argyle Hotel, Los Angeles, USA.