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Discography Intro

By 'discography' I mean all forms of creative audio/visual band-related output from Marilyn Manson that I find.

Release dates shown are for USA unless otherwise stated. The media is mainly CD but I think all of the albums are available on vinyl.

Albums & EPs - five studio albums, two EPs, one live album and one 'best of' compilation album.

Singles - list of singles, linking to track listings.

Early demo tapes - demo cassette tapes made during their Spooky Kids era, 1990 to 1993.

Covers & Compilations - These are non-soundtrack cover version songs. Compilation albums are made up of tracks contributed by various artists - they could be cover versions, or could be original material.

Soundtracks - arranged by film and song title. Songs can be an original composition or a cover version. NON-soundtrack cover versions are listed on the Covers and Compilations page.

Videos, VHS & DVD - Videos that are on music CD, VHS tape and DVD.

Books - Manson's best-selling biography.

Backward masking

For those of you who like to delve, the song section of The Easter Egg Archive identifies 'hidden' backwards vocals on albums (it has popup advert windows too). You'll find a few Marilyn Manson track secrets there. Just put 'marilyn manson' in their search box.