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Former Band Members - Biographies

Biographies for former members. Twiggy's and John5's written when they were still in the band.

UPDATE: Twiggy's back! After six years and as of January 2008, he has rejoined the band:

Biography related write-ups

29 May 2002 - the day Twiggy left
and now I need a page called 'The day Twiggy returned'.
30 March 2004 - John 5 gone from band
12 October 2008 - Gidget Gein photos and art

Timeline summary

Band members past and present, up to spring 2008, are summarized on the band member timeline.

Websites of former MM members - John's official website, with forums. - formerly housed Gein's artwork and forums and was maintained by him up until about June 2008.

Three Ton Gate was Scott's own site, seems to be gone. I think he has a myspace.