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Zim Zum, Sara Lee Lucas, Olivia Newton Bundy, Zsa Zsa Speck

Zim Zum, Sara Lee Lucas, Olivia, Zsa Zsa

Former Marilyn Manson members

A shared page - still evolving - for the remaining biographies.

Zim Zum - real name: Timothy Michael Linton

Guitarist from 1996 to July 1998

Born: 25 June 1969. From: Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Zim starts to play guitar at 13 years old. Before joining MM he's repairing guitars for a local guitar manufacturer.

He joins MM after Daisy leaves in May 1996, whilst the Antichrist Superstar album is still being recorded. Zim auditioned with about 150 other hopeful guitarists after answering an advert in the Village Voice newspaper. Zim Zum reportedly previously played guitar for band 'Life Sex and Death'.

And that's how Zim became the 'Dead To The World' tour guitarist. His guitar style is described as 'heavier and chunkier' than Scott's lighter more 'kaleidoscopic' riffs.

Zim Zum's stagename is said to derive from the Kabbala, an ancient Hebrew mystical work. The name is said to mean 'extraction' and to refer to God withdrawing his presence from an area of primordial space, thereby making room for the Creation - true?

His first MM gig is the eventful 'Nite of Nothing' showcase in September 1996, when Ginger ends up in hospital. And his first band video is The Beautiful People, filmed in Toronto, Canada in 1997.

When Zim Zum leaves the band in July 1998, he cites wanting to work on his own music and not wanting to tour again as the main reasons. Zim was studio guitarist for the Mechanical Animals album, released September 1998, and then his replacement, John Lowery (John5), is guitarist for the MA tour.

Zim says he played on twelve of the tracks on Mechanical Animals but the album credits only mention him eight times - perhaps because of over-dubs by John 5? Zim's work is also on 'The Suck For Your Solution' song (on soundtrack to Howard Stern's film 'Private Parts') and on a cover of David Bowie's 'Golden Years' ('Dead Man on Campus' soundtrack).


He formed a band called Pleistoscene.

ZimZum's myspace page

Sara Lee Lucas - real name: Freddie Streithorst

 Freddie Streithorst

Drummer from 1990 to March 1995

Born: 17 June 1971. From: USA. A July 1990 band newsletter entitled 'The Family Trip to Mortville', welcomes Sara Lee Lucas and credits him with 'baked goods, percussion'. Freddie replaces Daisy's Yamaha RX8 drum machine.

His stagename, Sara Lee Lucas, is from baked-goods brand 'Sara Lee' and American serial-killer Henry Lee Lucas.

Having a live drummer is an important step in boosting the band's image and dynamics. And, for the first time, they're a five-member group.

Fred seemed to be in at least a couple of bands before Joining Marilyn Manson. I read he was in a band with Scott Putesky pre-MM but then Brian Tutunick also said Fred was in a band with him before joining MM. For the few months just before joining MM, he played in alternative pop band Black Janet, with people he knew from high school.

The band he was in with Scott/Daisy may have been 'India Loves You'. And I've read he played with South Florida band '333 Lunatic Lane'.

He started drumming partly to help counter permanent damage to one of his legs caused by a football injury.

On 10th March 1995, nearing the end of MM's tour promoting their debut album, 'Portrait of an American Family', Fred's drum kit (and accidentally him too) is set on fire. Thinking it was the last night of the tour, Manson had sprayed the drum kit with lighter fluid and lit it.

Despite being singed, Freddie still turns up to play the final night. But why did Manson do this? Freddie's leg injury prevented his drumming skills reaching a high enough level to satisfy Manson. So Manson lost patience because he felt Fred wasn't keeping the beat well enough. Tension had been building during the tour and their Limelight venue show featured a barrage of water bottles and drumsticks flying between them.


Still using his MM stagename of Sara Lee Lucas, Freddie goes on to play for Florida bands Nocturne, Electro-Shock Therapy and Kuzmark. He is currently said to be working with MasterLab audio in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Olivia Newton Bundy - real name: Brian Tutunick

Bass player up to June 1990

Born: 31 March 1968. From: USA. The original bass player for MM, he played during the first part of 1990, before Brad Stewart (Gidget Gein) took over bass guitar in June 1990.

The stagename combination is from Olivia Newton-John, the Australian singer, and Ted Bundy, the American serial killer.

Both Brian/Olivia and Perry/Zsa Zsa were brought in to the band fairly quickly when Manson and Daisy got their first club booking in April 1990. Even though they'd helped him out in this way, Manson was pretty rude about them in his biography, but I'm sure they're over it.

I could do with a good photo of Brian T as a Spooky Kid - anyone?


Brian Tutunick was lead vocalist for Collapsing Lungs from 1991 to 1994. Although long disbanded, they played a one-off, well received reunion gig on 26 December 2003 at the Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

YouTube video link here: Collapsing Lungs streaming video

A link to some background information on the band: Collapsing Lungs article.

Collapsing Lungs headlined the 1993 Slammie Awards at the Plus Five Lounge in Davie - the same year that rival band Marilyn Manson won the Slammie Awards for Band of the Year and for Song of the Year, 'Dope Hat'.

Trivia: The documentary, 'Marilyn Manson - Demystifying The Devil', was directed and produced by ex-Collapsing Lungs keyboardist, Chris Nicholas.

More trivia (thank you Mark): In the 1991 film 'Cape Fear' - shot in the Fort Lauderdale area - there are scenes in Danielle's bedroom (Juliette Lewis) where, to add local flavor, there are band fliers on the walls, including ones for Collapsing Lungs.

Tutunick left Collapsing Lungs to form the industrial band, Nation of Fear. Here's a review of their 1999 show at the Satyricon, Portland, Oregon: Nation Of Fear gig review

Brian presented a weekly show called 'Feedback' on Pax TV but I've no more details for that.

Brian Tutunick's myspace

Zsa Zsa Speck - real name: Perry Pandrea

Keyboards player 1990

Born:? From:? USA. The original keyboard player for MM. I'm not sure how long he was in the band before Stephen Bier (Madonna Wayne Gacy/Pogo) took over on keyboards but I expect he left no later than mid-1990.


I've heard Perry may have worked as a teacher for a while (still?). And he apparently isn't very interested in talking about his time in Manson's band. Which is not to say he never will of course. Here's hoping.

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