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Gidget Gein

Gidget Gein

Bass player 1990 - 1993

Real Name: Bradley M. Stewart.
Born: 11 September 1969 in Florida.

Brad was recruited into Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids by Brian Warner in 1990, and devised his own band persona, Gidget Gein.

His stagename is from Gidget, a female TV character, and serial-killer Ed Gein.

Before joining the Mansons, Gein played lead guitar for Insanity Assassin. He replaced original MM bassist Olivia Newton-Bundy.

Taught by Daisy to play the bass parts just the week before, Brad/Gein's first show with Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids was on 3 July 1990. This was the same Miami club show where the band opened for Nine Inch Nails and Meat Beat Manifesto.

Of all Gidget Gein's talents, his looks were the most obvious. I've heard that Gein being the babe-magnet of the band didn't sit well with Scott/Daisy but I don't know really. What's a group without groupies anyway.

As well as co-writing MM's debut album Portrait of an American Family, Gein introduced lunchbox collecting to the band. Music by Gein is also on Smells Like Children, since it includes remix versions of songs Gein co-wrote for Portrait.

Gidget Gein

And he was the one who took Manson along - on 5 January 1991, Manson's 22nd birthday - to get the first of many tattoos; this one: the black goat head.

Gein has quite a few tattoos of his own. I don't know what they all are but the most obvious one is Charles Manson's face on his right arm. Then there's his favourite cartoon character, the bizarre Flaming Carrot. I think that was his first tat. The tat on his right hand is a leaping cat. When he took Manson along to Tattoos By Lou's in Miami to get him his first one, Gein got a Creepy Crawl Spider band inked onto his right wrist at the same time.

In his autobiography, Manson describes how, in '93, Gein's drug use becomes an addiction. With Gein's health and work suffering, Marilyn describes his feelings of anger, sadness and exasperation at the situation. Reluctant to let Gein go, Manson hoped for the best, but the split finally came in December 1993.

Despite leaving MM, Gein's influence on the band's image has stayed with them over the years. His replacement, Twiggy, clearly retained the spirit of Brad's onstage character by becoming a cross-dressing, dreadlocked, appealing kind of 'freak'.

In 1998, Gein formed a band, 'The Dali Gaggers' and they gigged for a few years. Since 2002, however, he has found the greatest satisfaction in his painting and sculpture.

In January 2004, Gein took part in Marilyn Manson's video for (s)AINT. His sculpture, 'In Case of Emergency Break Heart', - which I like very much - appears in it too and is now owned by the video's director, Asia Argento.

Asia Argento's face near Gein's Heart sculpture GGGein's In Case of Emergency Break Heart sculpture

That's Asia Argento on the left and Gein is holding up his creation in the photo on the right.

The (s)AINT video was released on the Lest We Forget bonus DVD, in September 2004. Thanks to all of this, I now know what the charming acronym MILF means. In the video, Gein plays 'a degenerate girl next door/MILF' type, you see.

Until May 2008, examples of his work could be seen at GidgetGein dot com, where he was described as 'Artist, Musician, Writer, Bagboy, Surreal PoP Exploitationist'. I've got some of them here: Gidget Gein photos and art.

Very sad news

It's been reported that, on 9th October 2008, Gein was found dead, apparently of a drug overdose.

I know he's seemed unsettled for quite a long time, over a year I'd say, but I never realized just how bad it was, or that he was on drugs again. It turns out he was in a rehab clinic in July 2008, but obviously the treatment wasn't enough to turn things around for him.

He'll be missed by so many people and I'm one of them.

Gein info from a 1990 Spooky Kids flyer
Gein info from 1990 flyer

Assorted Notes:

Random items I've included...

As well as devising his own stagename, Gein came up with 'Sara Lee Lucas', for the band's first drummer, Freddie Streithorst.

His bass guitars can be seen in several Hard Rock Cafe's in America.

Although Gein co-wrote and performed on Marilyn Manson's debut album, Portrait of an American Family, his photos were replaced on the CD artwork by ones of new bassist Twiggy Ramirez. He was out of the band by the final stages of POAAF being made but is still rightly credited with: 'All bass played on this recording by Gidget Gein (aka Brad Stewart).'

In December 1995, Gein began legal action against the band to collect back payments for royalties due from the time they parted company. The case was eventually settled out of court. This action covered the POAAF and Smells Like Children albums.

When once asked: What was the most surprising thing Pogo ever did? Gein answered: Stopped talking for two minutes.

In June 2002, Manson said in his journal that he, 'got a surprising call from Gidget (Brad Stewart), who has always been like a brother. He is truly talented and I hope to help him with his new work. It would be surreal to play a song together again, since we have put the past behind us.'

Until August 2004, Gein was 'subcontracted by the South Florida Medical Examiners Office for the duty of removing the dearly departed from crime scenes and other attractions of an untimely demise'. Bagboy is the slang term.

Elements of this job have influenced his artwork and he clearly has a fondness for the macabre. Just like Manson.

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