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Ginger Fish

Ginger Fish - drums

Real Name: Kenny Wilson. Born: 28 September 1966, Massachusetts, USA. Family moved to Las Vegas.

Ginger replaced Freddie Streithorst ('Sara Lee Lucas') on drums in March 1995.

As well as drumming skills, Ginger is a self-taught studio technician. He's used this knowledge to benefit the whole band, both whilst recording and on tour. He also dabbles with composing songs on the piano and contributed a piano piece on, 'Watch The Sky For Me', a track on Powerman 5000's album 'Tonight the Stars Revolt'.

A one-time circus casino hustler, Ginger played in a number of Las Vegas bands, and was drumming for about ten years before he joined Marilyn Manson. His arms must have been sore I know. I read he played drums for the Jesus Christ Superstar musical, so it was quite a career swing to play for the Antichrist Superstar. At one time, Marilyn called Ginger 'the most dangerous' of the band, because he is the quietest, Manson explained. The quietness might've been concussion though.

In the 1980's he was in one of the so-called 'hair bands', called Pretty Mess.

He joined MM whilst they were working on their Smells Like Children EP. This meant he was well established for the Antichrist Superstar album and era that followed. Ginger is even on the Dope Hat video, the last video from the Portrait era, just before Smells Like Children.

I think Ginger's first show with the band was on 24th March 1995 in San Francisco; the opening night of their tour supporting Danzig.

Things got a little tense between Manson and Ginger during the ACSS tour - something to do with Ginger being hospitalized when a mike stand hit his head.

Here's a fan's account of what happened:
Nite of Nothing, Irving Plaza NYC, September 1996

That wasn't his only injury by far, and although the rest of them have had to duck and dive, he just seemed to get the worst of it. Except for when Pogo was hit by a mic stand and bled half to death in 1995. Was that in Toronto or at the Roxy on Long Island?

Ginger was back home for personal reasons during part of the ACSS recording, which is why drummer Chris Vrenna was drafted in, to play on some of the album tracks.

In June 1998 the band's proposed tour of seven European summer music festivals (starting in Denmark 25 June) was cancelled when Ginger was diagnosed with mononucleosis. Commonly known as 'Kissing Disease', it's a lot more serious than that makes it sound.

Whilst he was receiving several weeks of medical treatment, the others put some finishing touches to the Mechanical Animals album, released in September 1998.

Ginger used leeches for a while, in the Holy Wood era, but I don't know exactly why. Did Pogo put him up to it?

Ginger Fish
Ginger in Paris, September 2004

'EAT ME, DRINK ME' album tour, 2007

For 2007, Ginger is finally back playing the drums on tour. Don't fall off anything Gnger!

Assorted Notes

2002-03 - At this time - aside of MM duties - Ginger helps a band called Jet Pin Army. Perhaps he also gave advice to Duncan Black, who joined a band called WiLD GiFT as drummer. I noticed Jet Pin Army's mp3 files being hosted on Mr Black's server.

24 September 2004 - Just as the Lest We Forget era begins, Ginger is badly injured when a performance of new single 'Personal Jesus' comes to a close on live TV in Cologne, Germany. Ginger falls from the back of the very high raised stage, takes several knocks, needs immediate medical attention and is taken to hospital, bleeding and concussed. The awards show is delayed for twenty minutes.

Chris Vrenna is brought in to plays drums on the Against All Gods tour whilst Ginger mends.


Article and interview links for Ginger

Interview in 2000. Sort of an endorsement for Guitar Center since he's a customer of theirs and so's Twiggy but still useful:
Guitar Center Talks with Ginger Fish

I had a link here to a news story from November 2000 of how Ginger fractured his collarbone when he fell from his drum riser at the end of a show in New York's Hammerstein Ballroom. Marilyn was busy trashing the stage set. This link seems broken so I need to look to see if i saved the story.

Moby was in the audience at the time and got pretty upset about it all, later saying: 'That kind of violence is totally unnecessary onstage.'

Manson's response? 'On my stage that kind of violence is completely necessary, it's just unfortunate that Moby wasn't injured. My drummer has offered to beat him with his good arm though.'

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