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Holy Wood album flash files

Used to promote the Holy Wood album, these little flash files are complete with music. Note they're in swf format not exe.

WARNING! If you're on a slow dial up connection it will take a while for the file to load up.

They play in their own window. Just close it when the flash file ends and this page will still be here. The links on the cards themselves are out of date remember. If they don't play for you, you'll have to associate 'Shockwave Flash Object' files with your internet browser (see your browser's 'Help' option).

The Love Song

1 - The Love Song flash file (1.04 Mb!)
The Love Song

Burning Flag

2 - Burning Flag flash file (676 KB)
Burning Flag

The Fight Song

3 - The Fight Song flash file (1.02 Mb!)
The Fight Song screen capture


4 - Godeatgod flash file (887 KB)
Godeatgod screen capture

Cruci-fiction In Space

5 - Cruci-fiction In Space flash file (798 KB)
Cruci-fiction In Space screen capture

Burning Flag and Cruci-fiction are my favourite ones.

Mercury symbol of Marilyn Manson.