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John 5 alias John Lowery

John 5 gone

Tuesday 30th March 2004
John's departure was announced near the end of a news statement on the MM official website.

Can't say we were thrilled by this but that's life.

Here's a copy: Marilyn Manson news March 2004

What happened?

Officially, the reasons for John leaving are undisclosed. On 1st April, a statement was issued on his behalf:

John 5 Exits Marilyn Manson

John 5 has parted ways with Marilyn Manson to pursue other opportunities. The versatile guitarist/songwriter, also known for his work with KD Lang, David Lee Roth and Rob Halford, has just completed a solo album which is scheduled for release in the fall and is writing with several multi-platinum artists for their upcoming albums.

"I truly enjoyed my time with Manson and have the greatest respect for the incredible fans," says John. "I am grateful to have contributed over 2 dozen songs to his projects. It was a great creative outlet for me at that point in my career. I've received so many calls from labels over the years about making a solo record, the timing is just perfect."

The 12 song instrumental album, currently titled, "Vertigo" not only showcases John's creativity and versatility as a player but also features special guests to be revealed in the coming weeks.

Now that John's out of the band, we'll end up starved of certain information. He was good at giving technical details in interviews, about his own contributions and the music in general.

Manson, we care about this stuff, really we do. So there.

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