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John Lowery in two

The band Two
James Wooley (KB), Rob Halford, John Lowery, Sid Riggs (drums)


It was late 1995 when John first teamed up with Rob Halford - ex-Judas Priest singer - and producer Bob Marlette. Original intentions had been to just jam, experiment and write some tunes but, realizing they had the material and potential to go further, the result was the group 'Two'. John said at the time that he was "...totally psyched to finally be in a band full-time".

Halford's band 'Fight' still existed when he began work with John, but Fight was already 'on the back burner' as Rob Halford himself said.

In 1996, after hearing their demo-tapes, Trent Reznor - along with Dave 'the Rave' Ogilvie - produced Two's album, 'Voyeurs'. Work on Voyeurs was completed in late 1997 and the album released in March 1998. Two's one-off album was promoted by a tour, beginning April 1998.

To me, the collaboration with Reznor is surely what led to John later being suggested to Marilyn Manson as a new guitarist.

A music video was made for the Two song 'I Am a Pig' and was directed by Chi Chi La Rue, a gay drag porno director from LA - better known for his erotic, pornographic filming than music videos! John seems not to have enjoyed the experience, saying that although they didn't interact with the pornstars in the video, 'it was so dirty I needed to take a shower after.' Anyone seen it?

You can all watch it on YouTube now, thanks to the person who sent me the link: 'I Am a Pig'.

John was also working and recording with David Lee Roth - of Van Halen fame - around this time.

Things didn't go quite to plan for Two on tour. Some of Halford's existing fanbase gave him a rough time at the shows over his change of direction. The record company then reacted by cancelling or changing tour dates. This uncertainty no doubt helped John to decide to accept the offer from Marilyn Manson.

Rob Halford continued with Two but eventually returned to his heavy metal roots. I'm sure he values the musical diversions he made though.

Here's a March 1998 interview with John Lowery and Rob Halford of Two: NY Rock - Rob Halford/Two interview

Voyeurs album by Two

Released March 1998. I have two references for this:
Interscope INSD 90155 and
EastWest Records 3984-22089-2 (EW-851?)
  1. I Am A Pig
  2. Stutter Kiss
  3. Water's Leaking
  4. My Ceiling's Low
  5. Leave Me Alone
  6. If
  7. Deep In The Ground
  8. Hey, Sha La La
  9. Wake Up
  10. Gimp
  11. Bed Of Rust
  12. In My Head (bonus track in Japan)
cover of Voyeurs by Two
Voyeurs by Two

Voyeurs is said to offer a wide variety of styles, with - in Rob Halford's words '...the lyrical content being mostly about intimate relationships and confessions...'

The influence of Trent Reznor gave the production an industrial-tinge, rather than the raw rock sound of their live gigs. did have full-length pre-Reznor mix MP3's of five Two songs but they seem to be gone. I'm sure they'll still be available somewhere though. If you want to search, the tracks are:

  • I Am A Pig
  • Water's Leaking
  • Leave Me Alone
  • Deep In The Ground
  • Bed Of Rust

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