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Journal Post - 4 May, 2002


Serpents bang the window pane for fruitless hours.

"Where is our apple?!" "Where is our apple?!"

"Kill that man. Kill that Manson. He is STARK raving mad and we are sad."

I say throw him in the hole and cover him in those forsaken songs. Where is our devil? (We know where god is.)

LOVE the exaggerated.
LOVE what we are knot, until we are so tangled we cannot escape.

I I I I have got a big new cd, undefined, well-designed. I want to give you a peak this week-end. Maybe 5 or 10, I don't know.

I have final news on the book. There's a date set. Place your bet.

I I I love you all (yes, all) and I hate to see this tower of babble fall. It is just a playground, and the principal will fix the sandbox soon.

Good afternoon,
Da Da Marilyn Manson
Da Da

[posted 5/4/2002 U.S.A.]

This is mainly about the music in progress, the impatience for it, and some reorganization for the official message board (mmbbs). It's a good example of Manson's idiosyncratic mix of informative, amusing and a bit bonkers ;-)

As for the playground/sandbox of the bbs, a new improved version was to arrive in the next month, June 2002. At the time of this Journal post, the place had been experiencing quite a lot of bullying, tantrums and firey debate. Not to say it wasn't still a place of fun for most people.

There was growing disquiet about stark's OTT moments, stark being the site admin and absolute ruler, or so it felt at the time. This explains the 'stark raving mad' bit. Ironically, stark was looking out for us at the end whilst someone else, someone he couldn't stop, was manning the wrecking ball. Funny how things turn out sometimes.

I'll get put on a list for writing this...

NOTE: At one time you could view all of MM's posts at The Artists Journal ( but alas, like the bbs, it is no more.