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Marilyn Manson - Fansites

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Band fansites

Coyote's Spookhouse

What I like most about Coyote's Spookhouse is the way it describes the earlier days of the band (post Spooky Kids). Eye-witness accounts lead us through the concerts, with some describing pre-show and post-show events. Observations of and interactions with band members provide little character sketches of them as they head towards worldwide fame.

Coyote's Spookhouse
Coyote's Spookhouse

Here's another two links for Spookhouse:

Concert reviews and general show write-ups from April 1994 to February 2001:
Manson concert reviews by fans

Angelynx' own concert reviews from March 1995 to November 2000:
A Manson Tour Diary 1995-2000

Think: Stories from the mosh pit and the front line; travelling and hanging-around-the-venue stories; the joys of being spat on by MM, or maybe kicked in the head by crowd surfers.

ArchDandy dot com

Fansite by 'bad boy' bbser Marty. Here you can see:

The Heirophant / Manson USA

The most established and comprehensive Marilyn Manson resource for over ten years. Also known as mansonUSA. Unfortunately and strangely it doesn't exist any more. Wiped off the face of the planet and I don't really know why. All that effort by all those people. We must have a moment's silence to remember our and their loss.

MMDN forums

The letters stand for 'Marilyn Manson Dot Net'. Over the years, this site has been very much a case of 'Now you see it, now you don't, now you see it, now you don't' and so on. If it disappears yet again, don't be surprised.
MMDN forums =N=

The Definitive Spooky Kids Site

Fansite by huntermc and Atrac that's specifically about the earliest days of the band, when they were called 'Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids':
The Spooky Kids

The Manson Files at

Site by Joachim Luetke. Features excellent MM inspired artwork. Joachim contributed a sculpture - Homunculus - for the Marilyn Manson video 'Long Hard Road Out Of Hell'. Manson has it at home.
red eye The Manson Files

Mister Manson

Italian Fansite. Has news in English and French too, also has a forum.

Mister MansonMister Manson FanSite =N=

Marilyn Manson Valley

Wie gehts? I've included this German website because I felt like being inclusionist and because some of them like to wear leather shorts. If I could understand it, I think I'd like it. Marilyn Manson Valley

Update! The Manson Valley site is not being added to any more but, because it still has active (and in German), Discussion forums, I'm keeping it here.

Marilyn Manson Czech fansite

Czech language Fansite Czech Marilyn Manson Fansite

Hungarian Marilyn Manson site

Going by the domain name I think this is Hungarian but it just seems to be links to other sites. Might still be useful to you though:
Hungarian Marilyn Manson FanSite

Marilyn Manson Videos

Marilyn Manson Videos (and Lyrics) from YouTube gathered together:
Marilyn Manson Videos


Searching for meaning


Angelynx, a longtime Manson admirer produced an eloquent piece of interpretive writing about Antichrist Superstar in 1996. There are other Manson related pieces there too. I wonder if she ever made a career from her writing skills? Marilyn acknowledged her work at the time. Worms with Angel Wings

Other articles by Angelynx
The Omega and the Alpha (Sept 1998)
Apokalypsis (May-June 1997)


Online since May 2004. bbser TRNQT, Nick, provides his own interpretations of Manson's works and influences, and does so using parallels he has found between art and the occult and Manson's own art and imagery.


Songs of Golgotha

In 2005, this site is no longer at its original location but I found at least some of it on the 'wayback machine' internet archive: Songs of Golgotha archive

It's a great pity most of it is gone. When it was there, they said of their site: 'the focus is to provide explanations, and share interpretations of, Marilyn Manson's lyrics, music, philosophy and message.'

The PaintPit

An interpretation site - in Russian - by bbser obyvatelius.

The PaintPitThe PaintPit

Bandmember fansites
These are fansites devoted to current band members other than Manson, i.e. Ginger and Twiggy so far. I have to find something for Chris and Rob now:

Jeordie White, the artist formerly still known as Twiggy

Base Tendencies

Longtime fansite by bbser Tangyzizzle.
Jeordie White: Base Tendencies =N= and forums.

Ginger Fish

Undismal World

Ginger Fish fansite: Seems to be offline for now.

Former band members

Tim Skold

Tim Skold : Sychophant

For 2007, there is a new Tim Skold fansite. It also has a fan forum: Tim Skold : Sychophant


The Ultimate Madonna Wayne Gacy Experience

One of the longest running Pogo fan sites, it's by bbser JackOffGia. Offline in November 2008

Pogo's Playhouse: SBJr FanPage

A Site Dedicated to Stephen Bier Jr. aka Pogo or Madonna Wayne Gacy. Online May 2009.
Pogo's Playhouse: SBJr FanPage

John 5 - John Lowery

John5's official website

First online in July 2003, then it left, then back again in April 2004. =N= and forums.

Marilyn Manson audience
Marilyn Manson fans squidge up