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Marilyn Manson - News links

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Official News Source for Marilyn Manson

NOTE: As of April 2007, an updated version of the official site has arrived to coincide with the appearance on MySpace of an audio stream for the song, 'If I Was Your Vampire'.

Here's the myspace link, it opens in a new window:

Artist's Journal

We're awaiting this part.

Here's the main page of the site:

As a supplement to the official news page, you could also keep up with Manson news by setting up a news alert or two, at 'Google Alerts'.

For example, I'd go to this page:

At 'Enter the topic you wish to monitor. Search terms', type in whatever you want them to search for, e.g. Marilyn Manson.

Select 'News' from the dropdown 'Type' list. Fill in your email address and click the 'Create Alert' button. They'll email you links for your search terms until you cancel it. Easy!

As well as new stories, you'll be sent the occasional older item but sometimes they're good too. You'll also get stories that make you realize how often people name drop Manson for pretty flimsy reasons. I expect they just can't get him out of their heads.

Tour dates for Marilyn Manson

Tour dates and venues: Official Tour Dates

Fan sites - News

The Heirophant / mansonUSA

GONE! News from, on their front page

News snippets at Marilyn Manson Images

Bits of news can be found right here on this site, MMI, but it's a little random, and not up to date either - I'm bad I know:
MMI news index

News Archives

Seems Like Salvation archives

Website with interscope music news archive, many entries being Marilyn Manson related, you just have to search. Beginning at 25 February 1998.
Seems Like Salvation archives