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Marilyn Manson - Official websites

=N= denotes a site with regular news items.
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NOTE: It's been about two years since I've been able to update anything on this site and now - mid 2010 - I'm picking over the pages to discover what needs fixed. Pretty much 40% of everything it seems. Don't know when it'll be done, I'll probably get pulled away from it again.

Marilyn Manson Official websites

The official site. =N=
Marilyn Manson Official site

The official MySpace site:

Officially approved fansites

Official fansite in France

Le fan-club officiel de Marilyn Manson en france:
Marilyn Manson Legion

Official fansite in Germany

Die offizielle Künstler Website. Official Marilyn Manson fansite for Germany:

Official sites of former band members

Now you can argue that I shouldn't show these next links in here but I am...

John 5 alias John Lowery

John 5 is, to me, the best guitarist Marilyn Manson ever had. But maybe I should appease the others by saying: 'he's the most impressively technically proficient guitarist they've ever had'. Here's his official website:

Daisy Berkowitz

Alias Scott Putesky. threetongate dot org seems to be offline.