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Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson band in 2002
Marilyn Manson in 2003. Photo by Perou.

The Band - Biographies

Do the band maketh the man? They certainly help. Marilyn Manson is both the name of the band and of the singer and he is very much the Main Man. But everyone else has a part to play so although there is no show without Punch1, the supporting cast members are essential.

Well that's what I think.

The band

With Pogo gone from the band, Chris Vrenna is on keyboards.

  • Marilyn Manson - the singer, the protagonist.
  • Ginger Fish - drums
  • Twiggy Ramirez/Jeordie - bass guitar
  • Chris Vrenna - keyboards for 2007-08 tour
  • Rob Holliday - bass guitar for 2007, lead guitar to August 2008
  • Wes Borland - lead guitar from August 2008 for tour

August 2008 band changes:

  • Wes Borland - takes over on tour from Rob Holliday

January 2008 band changes:

  • Twiggy Ramirez - bass, returns to band, replaces Tim Skold
  • Rob Holliday - switches from bass to lead guitar

2004 - 05 'Against All Gods' Tour, band changes:

  • Chris Vrenna - drummer, fills in for injured Ginger
  • Mark Chaussee - guitarist, fills place left by John 5

Mark Chaussee was previously Manson's assistant during the Grotesk Burlesk tour in 2003. I really need to do a page for Chris Vrenna, his MM credits go back to ACSS days, 1996, and he's known Manson for even longer.

Former band members


Band members past and present are summarized on the band member timeline.


Originally, all band members had stage names that combined female icon first names and male serial killer surnames. It's a juxtaposition thing.

However, this part is not so relevant now as it was to the earlier days of the band. Tim Skold, John5 (either named for being the 5th new guitarist or it's a biblical reference?), Zim Zum, Chris Vrenna, Mark Chaussee and Rob Holliday do not follow the icon/serial killer naming convention.

By using the expression 'no show without Punch' I mean that the main character must be present for things to proceed correctly. The phrase stems from a much-loved hand puppet character of that name, the star of 'Punch and Judy' shows.

Interestingly - well it is to me - Punch has often been vilified by authority figures and other moral guardians because he is unpolitically-correct, violent and doesn't give a sh*t. Although Manson is not out to emulate Punch's sustained level of violence or lack of concern, he has been known to inflict physical injury on band members onstage, when he swings or hurls the mike stand and other objects around. What I mean is, when the red mist falls you'd best begone.