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Titbits that don't fit anywhere else

These are the odds'n'sods pages for things that - like I said up there - don't fit anywhere else. Any musings, observations or sounding off will be tucked in here.

Perfectionists may scoff at my indiscipline but 'pfft' to them. Most of these were written when I was still a Manson newbie in 2001.

Things I'd have said to Mr Manson - in a caring way - if I'd been there at the time:

  • If you leave hundreds of crickets inside a sealed container then they will all die. And they did. He planned to cover himself with them to repulse the audience but ended up repulsing himself - and vomited at the smell. And so did their future bassist, Jeordie White, who was in the audience that night. This happened at an early show in Tampa, in the 90s, and in his book he calls it: The Accidental Cricket Massacre.

  • I'm not a doctor but prodding glowsticks or bottlenecks up your bum - that's 'ass' to our North American friends - could prove hazardous. It's not a regular or prolonged part of his act so don't leave that image stuck in your mind. I think those anal-adventure days are over now anyway.

  • Please don't drink out of the carton, other people might want some (Man That You Fear video).
Alright, I appreciate you were meant to be scary in that last one.
Marilyn Manson and Twiggy Ramirez. Photo by Brian D. Garrity
"Hey Brian, are we gonna let them get away with that?"


The TV documentary which inspired this site has been added to the video list of at least one English university. They deem it suitable material for their Psychology students.

I emailed one of the department's tutors and politely asked why it is considered good for study purposes but he never replied. Is this the psychology of silence? My quest for knowledge has been heartlessly impeded.

I did wonder if being contacted by someone who lets you know they're making a Marilyn Manson website can lead a person to make wild assumptions and just dismiss the other party offhand (or maybe they just block free webmail accounts). For instance, do they think I'm 16 years old, and all 16 year olds are airheads of course - duh!. Do they think I don't have any real opinions yet (I had opinions when I was 2), and so on. It's called stereotyping.

It reminded me of those 'adults' who like to patronize or ignore teenagers. Why isn't age-discrimination considered to be as bad as the other kinds?

However, by remembering this, I avoid behaving in that way myself. Which means that any condescending or dismissive smug b*stards I encountered in my disposable teens did serve some purpose.

Isn't it great to have little digs at them in later life winking smiley

Something you might have wondered about:

What's with the website name of Marilyn Manson Images? You don't have a huge number of pictures after all.

Well I think a website needs a title, and I went with 'Marilyn Manson Images', or MMI for short, which in turn is the Roman date for 2001, the year this began. And, as you can see, I ended up using the full version of the domain name - MMI in all its possibilities was long gone.

And whilst it's true that there aren't thousands of photos here, I've chosen ones that appeal to me and that I find most representative of the band across the years. And imagery is about more than photographs; it relates to the character of the band, the symbolism, and the impression that people have of them in their mind, especially of Marilyn.

Who coined the phrase: 'Image is everything'? And is it true?

Something I'm wondering about:

If you came here to rummage and weren't already a Manson fan, how much the wiser would you be about Marilyn Manson when you left?

I can't judge things from a newbie's standpoint any more. My ever-growing MM-related neural pathways have absorbed me into the collective. But since not everyone has that Manson memory store to draw upon, I'm introducing as many aspects of the MM 'big picture' as I can think of.

My early ambitions for the website were and still are:

  • give existing fans a reference
  • give newbies some 'Marilyn Manson For Beginners'

Simply preaching to the converted didn't appeal to me you see, I had to get evangelical.

The following letter was written in 2001, some things, quite a lot of things really, have changed since then.

Letter to the band:

In July 2001, you were little more than a name and a shady reputation to me - a rock band from over there who sometimes came over here. Thanks to the web and your fans, I'm now much better informed. And I like the way you acknowledge how important those fans are to the band's success. In a sense, it's amazing I've taken so long to be fully aware of you. It's not as if you're shy.

Since the day I set out to learn the A-B-C of Marilyn Manson, my ideas about you have evolved from the primordial mud surrounding a vague notion, into a recognition of the talents and achievements of increasingly distinct individuals.

I had to separate you out so I could understand how to fit you together again. Marilyn Manson the band and its synergy.

Bizarrely, your music is the last aspect I properly 'looked up'. The songs I've heard so far tell me that the nearest thing I own to your style of music is the Prodigy, so it's new territory really.

Other people's worthy attempts to describe your musical style to me resemble: 'well mostly it's kind of industrial thrash glam heavy metal rock alternative stuff.' !?! Handy reference points though, I'll admit.

So... Mr Manson, Twig, Pogo, John and Ginger, stay safe - never musically - and stay out of jail, Marilyn, and duck those mike stands, guitars and water-bottles, the rest of you.

Yours sincerely

-- Me --

p.s. The first of your albums to go on my want list was Mechanical Animals. But I hate going to the mall, so how come?

Also, are any of you interested in gardening? Funny question I know - but you must get to see daylight sometimes. I have a vision of Easter lillies, apple trees, cacti and venus fly-traps in the archetypal Marilyn Manson garden. Maybe I'd be surprised.

UPDATE: It's with a twinge of sadness I report that on 29 May 2002 Twiggy is officially out of the band. But everything written here in 2001 still stands. This is still for him too. His replacement is Tim Skold of KMFDM fame.

UPDATE in January 2008: Twiggy is back! He replaces Tim.

And after my asking that gardening question so long ago, track 9 on The Golden Age Of Grotesque album turns out to be called 'Slutgarden'. What can I say? Is it better than a sluG garden?
You have a song on this album titled 'Slutgarden' - what's in a slutgarden?

MM: Well, what do you think is in a slutgarden?

Well, besides the sluts.

MM: Let me put it this way - what would you find in a normal garden?

Oh, I don't know - carrots, potatoes, maybe flowers...

MM: Flowers. Yes. Flowers. And dirt. And a gardener. So there you go.

blushing smiley holding flower

~ Questions from Spin Magazine interview by Chuck Klosterman ~