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Photo pages for Marilyn Manson

1990 - 1993 SK Spooky Kids
1994 - 1995 POAAF-SLC Portrait Of An American Family,
Smells Like Children
1996 - 1997 ACSS Antichrist Superstar
1998 - 1999 MA Mechanical Animals
2000 - 2001 HW Holy Wood
2002 - 2004 TGAOG The Golden Age Of Grotesque
2004 - 2005 LWF Lest We Forget
2006 - 2007 CC/EMDM Celebritarian Corporation,
Eat Me Drink Me
2009 THEOL The High End Of Low
assorted Video Stills Video Stills
What I present on the photo pages is (to me) a good mix of 'definitive moment' pictures and a few that are just silly - but aren't the silly ones also defining?

The images I've shown are the work of many people, with photo credits given when known. The main photographers are:

Duncan Black

Once the official tour photographer and much more besides, many of the photos are by Duncan Black. Under the screen-name of 'mr. black', he created and ran the official website and bbs during the Holy Wood era.
Duncan Black photography/web design

He's also the drummer in rock band:

His personal site:
Offsite to 3 Faced

Cyril and Gottfried Helnwein

I've used quite a few live pics by Cyril Helnwein and also some others by his dad, Gottfried Helnwein. Thank you.


Early in 2003, Marilyn namechecked Perou, calling him his personal photographer. They first worked together in 1998. See his work at or

Stefan Kraft

Four atmospheric photos by Stefan Kraft, taken at Brixton Academy, London, are amongst the photo section for
The Golden Age of Grotesque.


If any of your photos are here but not credited, or you are the original owner of a picture and need to get in touch, please use this address:
mmiphotos AT
(Put in the @ sign and remove the spaces).