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Marilyn Manson

epic era Manson - 'I am you'

Think of all of that has gone before as preparation for this moment.

The Antichrist Superstar era is Manson's refinement of all previous feelings of alienation, anger, fear, and religion-focused contempt.

Becoming one of America's 'Most Reviled' and describing himself as a reflection of American society, he rises to fame and infamy.

I'm sure he had fun being that vindictive reflection too, it must have been cathartic. But the death-threats came rolling in. Were the 'christian right' secretly glad to have him to rail against?

As the era began, Manson had this to say:

After ten years in private Christian school, i was inundated and told about things like Armegeddon, the Rapture, taking the Mark of the Beast. When I realized it wasn't going to happen, I felt fortunate, but at the same time I felt cheated.

For me, the things that had tormented me as a kid, I have become. What I set my mind on was, if Armageddon wasn't going to happen, I was going to bring it upon the world myself. I felt the obligation to be exactly what they had me be so afraid of.

So on this record, I take the role of the Antichrist. This record is me asserting myself in that position. It is the tale of how things are going to happen in the future. It will scare America, and rightfully so.

With clear autobiographical elements, Antichrist Superstar charts the rise of the lowly 'worm' to powerful satanic messiah, earning his wings and rocking the world in all senses. Little wonder then that this era had the most impact of any - he just had to 'let it all out' before he could progress to the next stage of his career.

I do feel the Cassandra Complex, where you know the future, but can't change it. I really want for things to be better, then I get depressed and pissed off and think, Fuck it, why bother? That's where Antichrist Superstar comes from. I expect to see some changes in society from what I do, and I won't stop till I see a change.

The term 'disenfranchised teenager' is well worn but it seems to describe many of the fans who joined the Manson maelstrom at this time. They liked the way he hit back, talked back and upset the adult oppressors. They liked his challenges to the system of authority. But 'good' systems can stand to be tested can't they? What were the moral majority worried about?

The christian right in particular felt so affronted and threatened that their response was an almost all-out war of attrition. They went after Manson and the band with a vengence, but the more they tried to beat them down, the bigger they became.

As the media hysteria and publicity grew, here surely was an opportunity for many in America to question the influence of the religious fundamentalists. They're preferable to the taliban, of course, but only because they are presently held in check. Unleashed, I think it would be a different story, and not a very christian one either.

As the character of Antichrist Superstar, Manson turns his disillusionment with religion, 'god', and people in general, into a tour de force. This is the role which truly established him as an artful agent provocateur - I like my french phrases - and set the Marilyn Manson mayhem machine a-rolling.

But just when people thought they had him pegged, he was all set to unleash even more surprises...

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Marilyn Manson

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Marilyn Manson
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