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Marilyn Manson news for 2002

And one from 2001. Most recent entries are shown first:

November 2002

New Journal post

Marilyn returns from his trip to Barcelona and is inspired enough to post in his journal: THE MILK OF HUMAN VIOLENCE

19 November

MTV Europe Awards

Held in Barcelona, Spain (party at Casa Batilo?). Manson is a co-presenter, with Jean-Paul Gaultier and Pamela Anderson. He presents a prize to his friend Eminem.

EMA 2002 Marilyn Manson logo
14 November

Cartoon Manson!

Manson provides the voice for the cartoon character of himself in the 'Election Blu-Galoo' episode of 'Clone High'. He gives out dietary advice.
Marilyn Manson in 'Clone High' cartoon series
Marilyn Manson in 'Clone High' cartoon series

Edit: This episode didn't begin to be shown until 27th January 2003.

3 November

October 2002

TV show for Halloween

Marilyn Manson Hosts show for muchmusic USA, "Uranium with Marilyn Manson", which will premiere on 31 October, Halloween. Fans were invited to apply to be part of the audience at the muchmusic usa studios, New York City. The stipulation was that you be in appropriate vaudeville, burlesque/fetish or cabaret style costume.

A signed Marilyn Manson watercolor fine art limited edition was on offer to the best dressed fan. So who won?

photo of Uranium tv show with Marilyn Manson

See a few mini-pics over at

24 October

Manson in Bowling For Columbine

The Official site writes: 'Manson Featured In New Michael Moore Film. Don't miss Manson's interview in the critically acclaimed Michael Moore film Bowling For Columbine in theatres now.' They mean North American cinemas.

17 October

Manson scoring

The Official site writes: 'Marilyn Manson To Score 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' Remake. Marilyn Manson will create the musical score for "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre," a retelling of the 1974 Tobe Hooper cult classic.'

Update: This didn't happen.

16 October

September 2002

Marilyn's artshow opens

'The Golden Age of Grotesque' artshow opens in Los Angeles, with two days of public viewing following a private reception.

I've described these three days of art. And all of the paintings are here: Marilyn's watercolour paintings.

Thursday 19 September

August 2002

Make a wish come true

The Official site writes: Marilyn Manson Helps Make a Wish Come True. Thanks to Make-A-Wish Foundation, 16-year-old Andrew Baines from Tennessee was able to fly to Los Angeles to spend the afternoon in the studio with Marilyn Manson.

Manson played Andrew six songs from the upcoming The Golden Age of Grotesque and also screened a preview of the upcoming DVD release.

Radio One - Message from Manson

Mary Anne Hobbs plays a phone message from Manson on her BBC radio one Rock Show:

This is Marilyn Manson, how are you doing Mary Anne? Sorry I couldn't be there to give you a hard time, sexually harass you and make the (Kerrang) awards show as uncomfortable and special as I always like to.

But I will see you guys in the UK soon enough and thanks to the Radio One Rock Show and all the listeners once again for supporting me, Marilyn Manson, and thanks for making Tainted Love a one-hit wonder once again. And I will be back there to rock you *beep beep beep* soon enough.

Any money on 'motherfuckers' being the beeped part?

28 August

Tainted Love: Kerrangs Best video 2002

The Official site writes: Marilyn Manson Wins at Kerrang Awards! Manson receives an award for Best Video for 'Tainted Love'.

27 August

Film - Beat The Devil cameo

In downtown Los Angeles, Marilyn Manson films his guest star part in forthcoming BMW sponsored film short, Beat the Devil. It stars Gary Oldman (as the devil), James Brown as himself, and is directed by Tony Scott. Manson was "proud to have gotten a signature from the Godfather of Soul on my very own Bible."

After the Premiere on Thursday, 17 October in LA, you can download the film from BMW Films website - all 90 MB of it. A DVD version will be available in spring 2003 if you pay for post and packing. Here's a photo of Brown, Oldman and Manson on the set.

Marilyn Manson wields the Good Book in Beat the Devil short film
Marilyn Manson wields the Good Book in Beat the Devil short film.

16 August

June 2002

New bbs on official website

In June 2002, a much improved message forum/bbs arrives on the official website.

(it's gone now).

May 2002

Goodbye Twiggy

Marilyn Manson (the person) ends months of speculation amongst fans by announcing - via the official website and MTV - that Twiggy is out of the band. His replacement is Tim Skold who has been working with them since 2001. Marilyn issues a statement and makes two other posts in his Journal about Twiggy leaving. sad smiley

Wednesday 29 May

Film - Party Monster

stark posted: He's been away. Remember the story about the movie role? He'll be back soon...

Marilyn plays the part of Christina Smith in the feature film Party Monster, which stars Macaulay Culkin, Seth Green (from Austin Powers), Lucy Liu (of Charlie's Angels and Ally McBeal) and Chloe Sevigny.

22 May

The Age of Blame

Manson posts again in his Journal. A brief journey into the da da dandy's thoughts and plans: THE AGE OF BLAME

4 May

March 2002

Official Website revamped

'The Golden Age of Grotesque' official website arrives.

Radio One - Rock Show interview

Marilyn gives a phone interview to Mary Anne Hobbs of Radio One's Rock Show. He gives the name of a second song from the work-in-progress album. It's called: Use Your Fist And Not Your Mouth. 'Tainted Love' is just about to be released in the UK. He talks about the new album's influences and about the Resident Evil score.

(was this in March?)

November 2001

Chit chat

Marilyn tells Kerrang! music magazine of his and Ozzy Osbourne's idea to start a daytime TV chat show together. The mind boggles. Ozzy would be bleeped so much that any swear box they had could raise thousands for charity. In a week.

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