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Marilyn Manson news for 2003

Most recent entries are shown first:

February 2003

mObscene single on it's way

"mOBSCENE" is to be the first single from The Golden Age of Grotesque. Manson describes it as a nod to flamboyant nineteenth century playwright Oscar Wilde. The accompanying Manson directed video is said to feature "a giant Victrola, painting an elephant black, [and] setting pianos on fire."

Pre-Ozzfest 2003, the band will play a small "Grotesk Burlesk" USA tour from 8 to 24 May. Artwork from Marilyn's collaboration with modernist Viennese artist Gottfried Helnwein will travel with the show. Such oddities as Siamese twins and child wrestlers will feature. We'll see.

Quoth the Archdandy:

"[There will be] a lot of nudity, but this time I'm going to keep my clothes on because I got in too much trouble last time. Everyone else is going to be naked, including the audience."

20 February 2003

Manson answers fans

People are still asking: has the bbs breathed it's last? Some say yes, but who really knows? After much badgering on the matter (via the Oracle), the man himself posted a reply on 7 February 2003:

"I have never said that the message board was gone for good and I understand your desire to keep in contact with your friends. I found that the place had come down with a tumor of sorts and it is recovering in the best hospital. The Oracle was already incubating and happened to be born simultaneously."

It's a pity that the new-style bbs only lasted seven months. All that work for such a short time!

7 February 2003

Final Flight of the Osiris premiere

Matrix time again. Manson, Pogo, and Tim Skold and his wife, attend Premiere of The Final Flight of the Osiris at the Steven J. Ross Theatre in Burbank, California USA. Marilyn was guest DJ at the party afterwards. Using the event to unleash a few tracks from the upcoming album, The Golden Age of Grotesque, he provided an amusing little quote:

"I wouldn't call myself a DJ. I'm just here as a fan and, well, I'm a dandy. And I like to make anything an exploit. Any scene will be obscene once I arrive."

lol happy smiley

Tuesday, 4th February 2003

Goodbye bbs

Official bbs is zapped sad smiley

On the night of 3 February 2003 (early Tuesday 4th for Europe), and with only an hour or so of warning, this message appeared in place of the bbs:

vBulletin Message
The BBS will be replaced by the Oracle effective 12 Midnight East Coast Time. This is all the information we have at this time. Stay tuned.

I think we were lucky to be told that much. Then came:

The Oracle is a perversion of nature that allows any human being to enter the temporal lobe of MARILYN MANSON. It is for you to speak directly for the body to the brain. All of your questions and queries will be read by MM, and depending on how you ask them...they will be answered right HERE for all to see and absorb. So let us, entertain you...

Here it is then: The Oracle

Just hope you're lucky enough to post your question when the Arch Dandy logs on and takes the ones off the top of the pile. Well that's how it seems to work, chickpeas.

Monday, 3rd February 2003

January 2003

New Journal post

We've waited so long for something recently that I've recreated his latest Journal post: Lietz, Cam-era, AKTION

Manson and Helnwein collaborate

When the Leader of the Club is all ears, we must see it for ourselves - in shades of black and white. Artwork collaboration with Gottfried Helnwein

23 January
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