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Marilyn Manson news for 2005

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February 2005

Ginger still in the band?

Speculation is a bitch I know but, lately, there's been so much of it about Ginger that I am going to comment. Earlier this month, it was made known that Ginger had a so-called side project band in the making - Martyr Plot. A side-project band mind. But now, the talk is that Chris Vrenna is not so much filling in on drums but has replaced Ginger altogether.

I wouldn't be completely surprised if this is true but I hope it isn't. But if it IS, then the question is: Why? I like Chris Vrenna fine but I'd prefer Ginger to stay.

21 February 2005

Ding Dong the Bells are Gonna Chime

Manson and Dita are getting married in April apparently. The 5th of April? Hopefully before Prince Charles and Camilla do. Update: as of May 2005, Manson and Dita are still not married.

John5 and Aria are getting married on 12th March so we're all clear with the dates there at least.

17 February 2005

Ginger's latest news

Marilyn Manson drummer Ginger Fish has teamed up with guitarist/vocalist David Scott and bassist James Marino in a new project called Martyr Plot.

This was reported in a few online sources but they probably all copied from each other. But yes, he is indeed a part of new band Martyr Plot.

Shouldn't that be Martyr's Plot?

14 February 2005

January 2005
Marilyn Manson by Perou
Perou Pic

Fashion photos by Perou

In November last year, Perou photographed six fashion campaigns for Vivienne Westwood.

Marilyn Manson models the 'man' collection, Dita von Teese models the 'gold label' collection (and Perou's cute kitten 'mouse' appears in the 'red label' and 'anglomania' collections and he's in the 'tie' campaign).

The pics are now appearing in certain magazines and fashion websites. And even MM fansites? Yes, I've added some now: Manson the model

Vivienne Westwood

23 January 2005

In Vogue for spring/summer 2005

From Vogue magazine online:

Veteran British designer Vivienne Westwood called upon Marilyn Manson and his sexy sweetheart, Dita Von Teese to pose in her latest designs, and the pair will soon be seen strutting their stuff in all the glossies. Vivienne and her husband and business partner Andreas met the heavily made-up rock star and his fiancée last year at a dinner party and it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

While Vivienne is currently designing Dita's wedding dress, Manson wore her designs during his recent tour. And his Personal Jesus track played during both Westwood's spring/summer 2005 womenswear and her autumn/winter 2005-6 menswear shows.

"I like his music; I like his brain, his looks and his style," says Vivienne. "He's marrying Dita who must be his dream. I'm looking forward to the dress - and to her act - friends tell me it's something else."


21 January 2005

More Tour Dates

Some new tour dates announced, with the Official site promising more for Europe and UK:
  • Feb 2 Seoul, Olympic Hall, Korea
  • Feb 5 Osaka, Sonicmania Festival, Japan
  • Feb 6 Tokyo, Sonicmania Festival, Japan
  • Feb 9 Mexico City, Palacio De Los Deportes, Mexico
  • June 4 Nürburgring, Rock Am Ring, Germany
  • June 5 Nürnberg, Rock Im Ring, Germany
18 January 2005

Re-release of 'The Nobodies'

The new video for The Nobodies will premiere on 14th February and the single is to be re-released on 28th February. Here's the tracklist:
  • The Nobodies - 2005 Against All Gods Remix (by Chris Vrenna) 3:37
  • The Nobodies - Burn 36 mix (by Jam & Spoon) 5:42
  • The Nobodies - Stephane K Rock Dub Mix 4:43
  • The Nobodies - Album Version 3:35
10 January 2005

Marilyn Manson show cancelled after Tsunami hits Thailand

Due to the devastating earthquake and tsunami in south-east Asia that killed more than 200,000 people, entertainment events are being cancelled.

A government spokesman explained: 'The Thai government has called for cooperation from government agencies and the private sector to cancel all celebrations as part of Asia's period of mourning for all those lives lost.'

Source: and

4 January 2005
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