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Limited Edition Concert Posters, US Tour 2008

Look for the merchandise booth in American tour venues to buy a Limited Edition Screen-printed Tour poster. There's one made for each of the twenty-four tour dates.

Created by Print Mafia, each poster is part of a limited edition of 100 for each poster design. They will not be reprinted.

They are hand pulled screen prints on cardstock, measuring 10 x 23 inches or 25.5 x 59 cm.

Price? Were they $25? Now selling on ebay for whatever price you can afford.

See twelve of them here: MM Concert Posters

Tour posters

29 January 2008

Twiggy's Back!

Manson and Twiggy's 2008 reunion A post on Marilyn Manson's MySpace reports the return of bass player Twiggy Ramirez alias Jeordie White. He takes over on the tour from Tim Skold, who replaced Twiggy in 2002.

9 January 2008

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