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Marilyn Manson news for 2004

Most recent entries are shown first:

August 2004

2004 MTV Video Music Awards

Manson attends the MTV Video Music Awards in a very hot Miami. As other stars perspire, Manson, a one-time Florida resident, says 'I don't sweat, I sold my soul'. Mandy Moore and Manson later introduce The Polyphonic Spree, a twentyfive piece choir. Manson is also seen in the backstage refreshments area with his manager, Tony.
Marilyn Manson and Mandy Moore
Marilyn Manson and Mandy Moore in triplicate

29 August 2004

Much Music video interview

A short video interview (1.34 mins) appears on Much Music. Couldn't get it to play but here's a transcript thanks to bbser [psycho]logical:

Marilyn Manson: I'm sure by now everyone thinks that I'm a complete and total dick that just kicks everyone out of the band.

Much News: Have you felt like you've ever been anything other than alone in the band?

Marilyn Manson: I always feel like other people are interchangable, it's really about where your heart is. Getting rid of John was very amicable, erm, I think he'll be happier because I wanted to... I didn't want to get stuck into making him something he wasn't. And he's not like me, he's not like anyone else in the band. I don't think he had the same emotional attachment that the rest of us did.

Whereas Twiggy, just didn't want to be there anymore. He wanted to step outside and see if he could do it on his own and you know, he's figuring that out now.

What's next is going to be something completely... more extreme, and more interesting. And with that some of the fat has to be cut.

28 August 2004

Manson Hosts Cure tribute show

Marilyn Manson will be at Old Billingsgate Market in London on 17 September where he'll host a live tribute show to The Cure - part of MTV's Icon series. The show will feature performances and testimonials from artists and celebrities who have been influenced by The Cure. Won't be screened until October though.

26 August 2004

Personal Jesus previews on Austrian GO TV

The Personal Jesus video has been shown on Austrian music channel GO TV, and the song played on various radio stations. I've just heard it and I like it better than the original version. In the days ahead, I'm sure he'll let us know why he was attracted to that song.
Personal Jesus video still
Marilyn Manson in 'Personal Jesus' video

25 August 2004

Band to appear on Comet 2004 awards show

Marilyn Manson will perform the forthcoming single 'Personal Jesus' on awards show 'Comet 2004' to be held in Cologne, Germany, on 24 September. Other acts will be Avril Lavigne, R.E.M. and Nelly Furtado.

This will be one of several appearances to promote the upcoming 'Lest We Forget' Best Of album. Other dates are still to be confirmed.

On 8 September, Manson will introduce Avril Lavigne before she performs on 'Fashion Rocks' in New York City. This will be televised on Fox TV on 26 September.

21 August 2004

July 2004

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