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August 2008

Wes Borland joins Marilyn Manson

Former Limp Bizkit and current Black Light Burns member, Wes Borland, has joined Marilyn Manson as the group's new guitarist. He takes over from Rob Holliday. Manson himself announced the news at a press conference earlier today ahead of his band's appearance tomorrow (Friday, 15 August) at the ETP Festival in Seoul, Korea. Here's Manson:

'We have a new guitar player that's gonna play for the first time tomorrow; it's the first time we'll play on stage [together]. His name is Wes Borland and he used to be in a really terrible band that he left because he felt that it was a destructive force in art, and he has his own band, Black Light Burns, but now he is in Marilyn Manson. We don't know how permanent that is, but starting tomorrow will be the first step. So this will be the most indestructible Marilyn Manson.'

Going by what I've seen of Wes on YouTube, Limp Bizkit were lucky to have him.

14 August 2008

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