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Marilyn Manson news for 2003

Most recent entries are shown first:

April 2003

Oracle offline

As of this date at least. At one point, MM mentioned a 60,000 question backlog. It did reappear at some stage and he answered a few questions but then the tour began. So has the Oracle had its fifteen minutes?

26 April

Grotesk Burlesk promo tour

Marilyn tootles around Europe and the UK (Dita too) promoting the soon-to-be-released album. They're in Madrid on Monday 7, Paris on Wednesday 9, Berlin on Friday 11, London on Tuesday 15 April.

A Realplayer stream of the mOBSCENE video previews on a Spanish website. The quality of the video stream is poor but the video is good in itself. Look for 'Marilyn Manson' on the page: mOBSCENE. Or go directly to the file: mOBSCENE video. Or, even better, find yourself a decent quality version.

7 to 15 April

The Golden Age of Grotesque artwork

Front and back artwork for TGAOG album and front cover of mOBSCENE single (photos by Gottfried Helnwein) are confirmed.

Front cover of Golden Age of Grotesque album Back cover of Golden Age of Grotesque album Front cover of mobscene single

4 April

March 2003

Q magazine shoot

The Marilyn Manson shoot for Q magazine is filmed at Marilyn's house. This info came from photographer Perou's weblog dated for this day. He also said he "saw an edit on the 'mobscene' video and got a copy of the new album 'golden age of grotesque'." That's it, I'm jealous.

Saturday 29 March

Live and acoustic release party

200 tickets sell out in half an hour. A live and acoustic Golden Age of Grotesque release party is to take place in Berlin, Germany, on 11th April (9 p.m.) at The Berliner Volksbühnen, Rosa Luxemburg Square, Berlin.

There is also speculation of another release party concert at the 'bone church' of Kutna Hora, Prague, the Czech Republic (edit: this didn't happen).

Friday 28 March

Tracks online

The new album tracks - except the last one - have now appeared on the internet... unofficially, allegedly.

24th March update

mObscene video shoot

Three days of mobscene video shooting begin, with Manson co-directing. Two days spent filming in the Henry Fonda Theatre, Hollywood Blvd. L.A., the third day filming at a desert location, an hour north of L.A. (Vasquez Rocks).

A 'making of the video' is also made, to be shown on MTV.

Saturday 22 March

Promos of The Golden Age Of Grotesque

Promotional copies of forthcoming album, The Golden Age Of Grotesque, are presumably now in circulation. I think this because three tracks are now 'in the wild', allegedly. What does the ArchDandy think of it all I wonder? He's not answering many questions on The Oracle just now but I expect a little flurry of activity there soon.

21st March

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