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Marilyn Manson news for 2003

Most recent entries are shown first:

June 2003

TV - New Tom Green Show

Marilyn Manson is a guest on the New Tom Green Show, filmed at Burbank, LA, California.

Tuesday 24 June

TV - Top Of The Pops

Marilyn Manson appear on BBC TV chart show Top Of The Pops. Manson's voice goes off a little at the end of the song so I'd say the Jonathan Ross performance was the better one.

Friday 13 June

TV - Jonathan Ross show

Marilyn Manson appears on BBC1 uk chat show "Friday Night With Jonathan Ross". The band perform mObscene (with one mObscene dancer). Dita was there too. Charlotte Church and Simon Cowell were on before and after Manson. Simon Cowell only had good things to say about Manson so he isn't such a meanie after all!

Marilyn Manson perform on Jonathan Ross show.
Marilyn Manson perform on the Jonathan Ross show

Friday 6 June

On tour - Brixton Academy

Marilyn Manson concert at Brixton Academy, London.

Wednesday 4 June

Awards show - Metal Hammer magazine

Metal Hammer hold their first annual awards (at the Forum in Kentish Town, London). Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones presents Marilyn Manson with The Golden God Award (for Best Frontman/Frontwoman - but is he the one or both?).

"Bands and audience members intermingled all night, with the charge downstairs being lead by Pogo from Marilyn Manson."

The charge to the bar that is... Well he is called Mr Bier, after all.

Tuesday 3 June

On tour - Braehead Arena

Marilyn Manson concert at Braehead Arena (in Renfrew near Glasgow). I know because I was there. happy smiley Support band Queen Adreena were fine, despite what some others have said. Why didn't I write a review?

Marilyn Manson in silhouette
Marilyn Manson in silhouette

Songs played:
This is the New Shit, Disposable Teens, Irresponsible Hate Anthem, Use Your Fist and Not Your Mouth, Great Big White World, Rock Is Dead, mOBSCENE, Tainted Love, Paranoir, The Dope Show, (s)AINT, The Golden Age Of Grotesque, Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggity Zag, Sweet Dreams (then pre-encore break), The Fight Song, The Beautiful People.

Monday 2 June

May 2003

On tour in Europe

First tour date, as part of 'Rock in Lisbon' festival in Portugal. Followed by a Festival show on 30 May in Madrid, Spain, then Download Festival Saturday 31 May.

29 May

TV - Jimmy Kimmel Live

Marilyn Manson are 'musical guests' on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Takes place at the El Capitan Theater (venue was 'a secret' until you succesfully registered to be in the audience).

The band played mObscene and This is the New Shit for the actual show, then came back out and played The Beautiful People for the faithful. Dita sat at the side of the stage watching (black outfit, pink fur stole, little black hat tilted to the side). Gottfried and Cyril Helnwein were around too.

Friday, 16 May

Album signing in LA

Marilyn Manson sign copies of their new album (released today in USA) at Sam Goody in Los Angeles.

Tuesday 13 May

Album - The Golden Age of Grotesque

The Golden Age of Grotesque is released (12th May in UK, 13th in North America, even sooner for some other countries).

The album debuts with a number 1 chart position in the USA, Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland and gets top 5 chart positions elsewhere. This includes a number 4 debut in the UK album charts (Sunday 18th May). Can't be bad! happy smiley

Live show - Key Club in Hollywood

A unique Grotesk Burlesk launch party is held at the Key Club in Hollywood, where the audience can see and hear art and music from the new album. Featuring a one of a kind performance by the band, with special guests including Dita Von Teese. Tickets - available on the 10th but how many? - were gone in a flash.

Seven songs were performed: This is the New Shit, mOBSCENE, Doll-dagga buzz-buzz Ziggety-zag, The Golden Age, (s)AINT, The Dope Show, and The Beautiful People.

12 May

TV chat - The Late Show

Manson on The Late Show With David Letterman. No time for a performance for some reason but spoke about (amongst other things) the new album, his parents, Dita, his metal teeth, his artwork and absinthe.

Marilyn Manson talks with David Letterman
Marilyn Manson talks with David Letterman

TV - IMX by MuchMusic

Same day, 8 May, Manson appears on MuchMusic's daily live show IMX, also in New York City.

Thursday 8 May
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