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Marilyn Manson news for 2007

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June 2007
May 2007

Where's Pogo!?

Pogo will not be touring with the band until further notice. His place on keyboards will be filled by Chris Vrenna. Here's a quote from Manson about it:

It's a strange circumstance. We've been in a weird position as friends, knowing each other for so long. I haven't spoken to him in quite some time. Essentially he has a lot of personal issues that I don't necessarily understand or can define. It's not my place to.

For the time being, Chris Vrenna, who played drums for us when Ginger was injured and is also a keyboardist, is going to be coming on the tour. I'm really happy with Chris. We've been friends for a long time since he had helped me on our very first record. It's a really strong music unit right now. As far as what happens with the permanency of the band, I can't say right now.

The information above is from MM's recent interview for fansite, called Red Carpet Grave.

May 2007

MM at Hot Topic Signing in Orange County

Marilyn Manson is to sign autographs at Hot Topic in Orange County California on 18th May.

On Friday 11th May, the first 500 customers to pre-order the new album 'EAT ME, DRINK ME' at the Hot Topic store at the Block of Orange, 20 City Blvd West, Orange County, CA, 92868, will receive a pass that guarantees an autograph from Marilyn Manson.

11 May 2007

Short Review of the Heart-Shaped Glasses Video

Here is how one reviewer describes the new video:

Marilyn Manson's shocking new video, Heart-Shaped Glasses, opens with the rocker and his new girlfriend, actress Evan Rachel Wood making love. The naked Thirteen star, 19, appears to climax in the provocative opening sequence as Manson, real name Brian Warner, passionately kisses and caresses the actress.

The video, which begins with a warning that it might not be appropriate for people under the age of 16, continues with its shocking theme as Wood and Manson take a speedy drive in a convertible, while he takes candid shots of the actress, playing with a carving knife.

The promo continues with Manson and his new sweetheart writhing around on a bed, smeared with fake blood. It ends with the odd couple driving their flame-engulfed car off the road high above Hollywood - and plunging to their deaths.

World Entertainment News Network: The Gauntlet

9 May 2007

Heart-Shaped Glasses Video

Close up of Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood making out

The video for the first single, 'Heart-Shaped Glasses (When the Heart Guides the Hand)' is online at, possibly via the official German fansite

World Premiere of Heart-Shaped Glasses video

8 May 2007

New Album is Leaked

The upcoming album, EAT ME, DRINK ME, is leaked on 1st May, appearing on various peer-to-peer networks.

On 2nd May - with permission - the whole album is played on radio station Q101 in Chicago by DJ Ryan Manno at 11:00pm.

3 May 2007

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