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October 2008

Former bassist Gidget Gein dies

Gidget Gein portrait On Sunday 12th October, I learned the horrible news that Gein, alias Brad Stewart, had died of a drug overdose 10th October.

He'd been in rehab in July apparently and was staying at a friend's apartment when he overdosed and died.

I know he'd seemed melancholy for a long time but then, as a balance against that, he gave himself things to look forward to by getting events organized for his artwork and music. He also had a biography in the making. So I can't believe that this outcome was deliberate.

sad smiley

I've made a page for Gidget Gein's paintings.

Why didn't you do that sooner, he'd say. Because you never asked, I'd say, but you should've done.

I'd like to express what he was like as a person but I'm not eloquent enough and, for me, he was an online figure rather than someone I'd met face to face. But I'd hoped to meet him one day; I thought he'd still be around, and that shows how much I know.


to you


12 October 2008


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