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Marilyn Manson news for 2006

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December 2006


Is it really a year since Manson and Dita got married in Ireland? Yes it is, it's their first Anniversary. But because their civil ceremony in America was on 28 November, 2005, it's kind of their second first anniversary. Update: if you go to January 2007, you'll see they weren't celebrating either date.

3 December 2006

November 2006

Official Site - It's Alive!

As of 6th November 2006, the official site is gradually coming online again. The internal links are not fully working yet so we'll just have to wait and see what arrives. And it's slow because it's being hammered by visitors and it's also slow if you're on dial-up. Life isn't fair I know.

Here's the main page:
Here's the Menu page: MENU

You can tell by the following screen capture that the menu options on the new site are called:

  • Today's News
  • Artworks
  • Gallery of Shapes
  • Cinema
  • Synesthesia Archive
  • Prescription
MM menu

A previous version I saw in April 2006 also had 'Celebritarian Manifesto' as a menu option. So where's that gone?

And there might be a new official site forum on the way.

6 November 2006

Manson's Good Cause

Taken from a blog entry by Ann Magnuson:
Just in case you think Marilyn Manson was all bad consider that also on display at his Halloween Art Show was a booth manned by Project Nightlight, a non-profit organization dedicated to "empowering teens to overcome abuse".

That night a very friendly, most ungothy young blonde woman saw me investigating the literature at the Project Nightlight booth which was opposite the gift bag bank at the entrance to Manson's private gallery. She immediately sprung to attention and answered the many questions I had about the organization including informing me that this was the first charity Marilyn Manson has ever agreed to lend his name and support to.


Manson was also giving them a free print to auction off. It seems that numerous charities have vied for his attention over the years and he has chosen to support Project Nightlight.

6 November 2006

Celebritarian Corporation Gallery Of Fine Art

From the official site's news I think I got this:
The Celebritarian Corporation Gallery Of Fine Art in Los Angeles, California, was officially opened on Halloween following a private reception with Manson and guests. Attendees were treated to a stunning display of Manson's original works amassed together for the first time since 2004.

The premiere showing was a tremendous success with patrons lingering until well after the anticipated closing time. Future exhibits will include additionals works by Marilyn Manson as well as other celebrated artists.

November 2006

Recording of Jay Leno TV show

The band's appearance on 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno' from 31st October is already on YouTube:
Marilyn Manson on Jay Leno

They're performing a cover of 'This Is Halloween', a track for the re-release of Tim Burton's film 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'. The new film version is in Disney Digital 3-D with a 2-Disc Special Edition Soundtrack.

And, as you can see on the video, Ginger's back!

November 2006

Halloween Art Show

Taken from a blog entry by Ann Magnuson:
Marilyn Manson unveiled his new paintings this past Halloween night at a party at his new private gallery/studio on the most southeastern edge of Hollywood. Or the most northern edge of Koreatown depending on your orientation. The preferred orientation for the night was predictably ghoulish and gothy. The watercolors on display were really very good and quite lovely - considering the subject matter ranged from Nazis to dismembered children.

2 November 2006

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