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Marilyn Manson news for 2004

Most recent entries are shown first:

October 2004

'Against All Gods' American tour begins

The tour opens in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Marilyn Manson onstage
Marilyn Manson onstage

This is also the first live Marilyn Manson performance debut for Chris Vrenna on drums and Mark Chaussee on guitar. Chris is a temporary replacement for the injured Ginger but it's unknown if Mark is also 'temping' or will stay with the band.

27 October 2004

Update to Vivienne Westwood story

The Westwood people gave this information: 'Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese are going to feature couture MAN and Gold Label lines in our advertisement campaign for S/S 2005 season.'

I look forward to that.

Monday 25 October 2004

Guitarist Mark Chaussee joins Marilyn Manson

So now we know who the mystery replacement guitarist is - but is this just for the Against All Gods tour? Mark Chaussee - who replaces John5 - was formerly of Rob Halford's band FIGHT. Which is a little ironic given that FIGHT was the predecessor to the band 'Two' that Rob Halford and John Lowery (John5) formed. Life is circular as much as linear.

Manson and Dita: faces of fashion

From the UK's Sunday Mirror newspaper:

S&M FETISH fan Marilyn Manson is set to be a fashion model - I kid you not.

The 35-year-old freaky one and his Playboy pin-up fiancee - Dita Von Teese - are to be the new faces of Vivienne Westwood's Spring/Summer clothing range.

They have just been filming in Paris. I'm also told Westwood will be designing Ms Von Teese's wedding frock for next year.

source: Sunday Mirror, Radar

I think they're mistaken about the 'next year' part for the wedding but then who really knows apart from Manson and Dita? I've been assuming they'll get married in December this year.

Sunday 17 October 2004

Manson's make-up and Dita's dress

Marilyn Manson plans to launch his own make-up range. He comments: 'I like the idea as, to be honest, I'm fed up with promoting this look for others to take the whole benefit.'

Meanwhile, Dita Von Teese decides who will design her wedding dress: 'I think I might wear Vivienne Westwood for the ceremony and Roland Mouret for the party,' and adds, 'We prefer winter dressing, dark colours. Summertime for us is planning our outfits for the winter.'

Source: Vogue magazine online

Saturday 16 October 2004

Trivia: Manson had a prefered brand of lipstick that was part of their band merchandise pre-1996. I remember reading about it - shocking red most likely. Wait a minute, I just found out it was called 'Whore Red'. I should have guessed.

USA - Performance on Mad TV

The band record/perform 'Personal Jesus' on Mad TV. As expected, Chris Vrenna fills in on drums for the injured Ginger, but there's also an as yet unidentified person on guitar. When will this show be broadcast?

Friday 15 October 2004

Ginger back in America

He can't remember the accident itself but said it 'sounds nasty' when told the details. I'd say that his not remembering is a sign of just how serious a knock he took. His recovery seems to be going well now.

11 October 2004

Manson Mask mark II

An email to fans tells us:

The official Marilyn Manson Mask is available now! This life-size mask is fabricated directly from Manson's actual face casting. The mask is $24.95 (plus shipping and handling) and is available for purchase at:
Marilyn Manson mask.

Since this mask is not quite as detailed (or expensive) as the original version, compromises must have been made to bring the price down. It still looks fine.

Marilyn Manson mask pack Marilyn Manson mask pack
Marilyn Manson masks

8 October 2004

Chris Vrenna confirmed as stand-in drummer

The official site confirms that Chris Vrenna, formerly of Nine Inch Nails, will play drums on the Against All Gods American tour. Here's Chris in a cosy cable knit pullover.

Chris Vrenna
Chris Vrenna

More about Ginger

The official news: 'Ginger is expected to make a full recovery within several weeks.' Hope so. The speculation has been rife. He may well still be in hospital in Cologne despite an earlier (non-official) report saying he'd left there on Saturday, 25 September.

3 October 2004

UK MTV2 - Gonzo

Manson will be on MTV2's Gonzo at 9 pm.

TV - CD:UK Personal Jesus

The Personal Jesus performance, recorded two weeks ago, will be shown tomorrow, on ITV, Saturday, 2nd October. CD:UK Show starts 11:30 am.

Friday 1 October 2004
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