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Singles from Portrait of an American Family era

Get Your Gunn

Get Your Gunn cover

Get Your Gunn

[USA - 9 June 1994]
  • Get Your Gunn
  • Misery Machine
  • Mother Inferior Got Her Gunn [NIN remix]
  • Revelation #9
Catalogue number INTDM-95902.

The 'Get Your Gunn' single is quite a milestone, being the band's first release under their recording contract. The boy in the photo on the cover sleeve is Twiggy's half-brother Wes Brown (photo by Robin Perrine). A video was released too but it didn't get much media play.

Get Your Gunn was inspired by the murder of Dr David Gunn who was killed in Florida by 'pro-life' activists. Manson called this 'the ultimate hypocrisy'.


Lunchbox cover.


[USA - 24 January 1995]
  • Lunchbox
  • Next Motherfucker (Remix)
  • Down In The Park
  • Brown Bag (Remix)
  • Metal (Remix)
  • Lunchbox (Highschool Drop-outs)
Catalogue number IND 95806

Except for Down in the Park - a Gary Numan cover - every track is a Lunchbox remix. 'Highschool Drop-outs' is the radio edit of Lunchbox, 'radio edit' meaning it's safe for sensitive ears.

The Lunchbox video - directed by underground filmmaker Richard Kern - was made over two days in September 1994, during their tour with NIN.

The song was inspired by stories of kids using metal lunchboxes as weapons. It tells the tale of one kid who was bullied at school and finally fought back with his metal lunchbox. Metal lunchboxes were said to end up banned in Florida and some other states, but I've read that such legislation doesn't seem to exist. Oh well, it was a nice story.