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Singles from album Lest We Forget, The Best Of

Personal Jesus

The Personal Jesus single is a cover version of a Depeche Mode song from 1989, the year of Marilyn Manson's first musical aspirations.

Artwork of Personal Jesus single
Personal Jesus CD
Personal Jesus artwork and CD, UK enhanced version

Of the song, Manson says: 'I did not stray greatly from the original as much as I have in the past with Tainted Love and Sweet Dreams. It maintains a basic pumping rhythm to it.'

Personal Jesus

[UK, October 2004] Enhanced.
  1. Personal Jesus
  2. New Shit Invective - Orbiter Dictum Mix by Bitteren Ende
  3. mOBSCENE Replet - Mea Culpa Mix by Bitteren Ende
  4. Enhanced section 'Personal Jesus' video
Interscope Records, Catalogue number 9864166

Personal Jesus

[EU, October 2004] Maxi CD.
  1. Personal Jesus
  2. mOBSCENE Replet - Mea Culpa Mix by Bitteren Ende
  3. Personal Jesus - Rude Photo Motor Remix
  4. Personal Jesus - video
Interscope Records, Catalogue number ?

Rude Photo Motor Remix produced by Felix da Housecat, mixed by Rude Photo (Felix da Housecat, Bryan Black and Oliver Grasset).

Personal Jesus

[EU/Germany, October 2004] 3 inch Pock-it version, limited edition.
  • Personal Jesus
  • This Is The New Shit (Sergio Golayan Remix)
Universal, Catalogue Number: 06024 9864127

Personal Jesus

[USA, October 2004] 10 inch, red, translucent vinyl.
  • Personal Jesus
  • Personal Jesus remix by Felix da Housecat
Limited edition of 5,000.
Personal Jesus red vinyl
USA, Personal Jesus 10 inch red vinyl

Personal Jesus

[UK, October 2004] 7 inch black vinyl.
  • Personal Jesus
  • Personal Jesus - Rude Photo Motor Remix
Record Label: Polydor
Catalogue Number 9864167

Personal Jesus PROMO

[UK 2004] Promo.
  • Personal Jesus (radio version) 3:19
  • Personal Jesus (album version) 4:06
Catalogue Number: JESUS1

Personal Jesus promo artwork
Personal Jesus promo CD
Personal Jesus promo artwork and CD

I've seen another promo listed too and it seems the same as the first one, just a different catalogue number:

Personal Jesus PROMO

[UK 2004] Promotional.
  • Personal Jesus - Radio Version 3:19
  • Personal Jesus - Album Version 4:06
Record Label: Nothing, Catalogue Number: MANSONCDP4

The Nobodies 2005 AAG mix

This is the first release of the remix version.

The Nobodies: 2005 Against All Gods Mix (Korean Tour Edition)

[Korea, February 2005] Limited edition.
  1. Personal Jesus video
  2. The Nobodies (2005 Against All Gods Mix) video?
  3. The Nobodies (2005 Against All Gods Mix)
  4. The Nobodies (Burn 69 Mix)
  5. The Nobodies (Stephane K Rock Dub Mix)
  6. Personal Jesus (Rude Photo Motor Remix)
  7. The Nobodies (Burn 69 Mix)
  8. mOBSCENE Replet (Mea Culpa Mix by Bitteren Ende)
  9. New Shit Invective (Orbiter Dictum Mix by Bitteren Ende)
  10. This Is New *hit (Sergio Galoyan Mix)
  11. The Not So Beautiful People (From JAPAN Bonus Disc)
  12. The Fight Song (Slipknot Remix) (From JAPAN Bonus Disc)
  13. The Tourniquet (Prosthetic Dance Mix)
Universal Music Korea. Catalogue number ?

The Nobodies, cover art of Korean CD

I still need to add notes for the UK/Europe releases in March 2005. The artwork is the same/very similar.