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Cover versions on singles

This page has information on it that's already shown elsewhere. But I think it's useful to separately list the cover version tracks that are on singles.

Personal Jesus

Original by Depeche Mode in 1989. It's the single from the album 'Lest We Forget, The Best Of', released September 2004.

Mind Of A Lunatic

Original by the Geto Boys. It's on some versions of the second single from TGAOG, This Is The New Shit, released over September 2003.

Working Class Hero

Original by John Lennon. This is a track on Disposable Teens [UK CD1, Nov. 2000], is track 1 of the B-side of Disposable Teens picture disk [Nov. 2000], track 2 of Disposable Teens [Australia - 2000] limited edition, and is track 6 of The Fight Song Limited Edition EP [Japan October 2001].

Five to One

Original by the Doors. Is track 2 on Disposable Teens [UK CD2, Nov. 2000]; is track 2 on the B-side of Disposable Teens picture disk [Nov. 2000] and is track 3 of Disposable Teens [Australia - 2000] limited edition.

Suicide Is Painless

Original by Johnny Mandel. Track 3 on German release of Tainted Love.

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

Original by the Eurythmics. Marilyn Manson cover version is on: the soundtrack of 'House on Haunted Hill' [1999], the title track of the Sweet Dreams single [July 1996] and on The Dope Show CD1 [a live version, Sweden - Nov. 1998].

Down In The Park

Original by Gary Numan/Tubeway Army. Is a track on the Lunchbox single [Jan. 1995] and Sweet Dreams single [July 1996]

Revelation #9

Is sort of based on the Beatles song Revolution #9 and is a track on the Get Your Gunn single [June 1994]