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Spooky Kids extras

There were realplayer streams of demo tracks at Scott Putesky's website, Three Ton Gate, but these are gone, as of May 2004. And, as of December 2004, the site itself is offline. It came back in 2005 but it's gone again:

I had already kept the two CD cover mock-ups from the site, and I expect he was hoping to be allowed to use these band photos:

mock up CD cover of Spooky Kids volume one mock up CD cover of Spooky Kids volume two
Mock-up CD covers

Scott, alias 'Daisy Berkowitz', won the rights to the original Spooky Kids recordings in 1998. On 20 April 2004, he released remastered versions of some songs. A second CD was expected in 2005 but never happened.

Here's an offsite link to information and realmedia sound samples:
Spooky Kids samples at Empire Musicwerks

dispute over album artwork

Manson and Pogo had something to say to Scott - through their lawyers - when they realized he was using Manson drawings and other images they had rights for. The original cover illustration for Scott's 'Lunchboxes and Choklit Cows' CD is shown on the left, below. This was later changed to the plainer one on the right.

Original artwork for Lunchboxes and Choklit Cows CD revised artwork for Lunchboxes and Choklit Cows CD

And here's the track listing:

The Spooky Kids - Lunchboxes and Choklit Cows

  1. Red (In My) Head
  2. Dune Buggy
  3. Insect Pins
  4. Learning To Swim
  5. Negative Three
  6. Meat For a Queen
  7. White Knuckles
  8. Scaredy Cat
  9. Thing Maker
  10. Thrift
DVD contents:
  1. White Knuckles (Video)
  2. Meat For A Queen (Video)
  3. Dune Buggy (Video)
  4. Spooky Gallery
As I understand it, the DVD is not available with the revised version but don't quote me on that.

You can dig around for more detailed SK information at
The Definitive Spooky Kids Site