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Marilyn Manson's tattoos
Cyclops Head

cyclops smiley A single-horned green Cyclops Head sits atop his right arm. His fourth tattoo, it's more of a mystery this one.
Cyclops Head tattoo
But, in 2005, I learned that the work is by Albert Sgambati and is based on a drawing by Manson himself.

In 1991, he sings about a cyclops woman in a song called 'Cyclops'. This first appears on the demo tape 'After School Special'.
Which means he had such a creature in mind a while before the tattoo was made. Perhaps the original inspiration came from a comic book or the dungeons and dragons game he played in his teens. He prefered to play the Dungeon Master since he felt best suited to being the leader in the game.

Fellow Florida band Jack Off Jill used to have a Cyclops Girl as their mascot on flyers and t-shirts - but decided to drop this when Manson's song Cyclops was being played live when they shared the same bill.

Other Manson tattoos created by Albert Sgambati are: the green skull with the spooky tree, the red devil and tumbling dice, and the fly.

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