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Marilyn Manson's tattoos
Black goat head or Baphomet

Baphomet - the goat of the sabbath in medieval sorcery and a goat-headed hermaphrodite deity.
Tattoo of black goathead

The shape is usually called an inverted pentagram.

Most commonly associated with the Templars and satanism - as the icon of the Black Mass - it is also used by sects of witchcraft or paganism to represent the horned god (not satan).
Of unknown origin, people argue about who the symbol 'really' belonged to. Travel back to King Solomon's temple and beyond on that quest. Some say the shape isn't inverted at all but is the original form as used by the Sumerians.

Manson's first tattoo, bandmate Gidget Gein took him to get this one on his birthday, 5 January 1991. The work is by Lou Sciberras, of Tattoos by Lou, on South Beach, Miami. Gein got the Creepy Crawl Spider band on his wrist at the same time.

In 1995, Baphomet was on the t-shirts of the Manson road crew. Find more information about the symbol offsite: Baphomet - the Sabbatic Goat

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